Cities to visit abroad: The best of the moment

More than ever, in the wake of the pandemic, political turmoil and rising costs, young professionals seeking adventure and careers abroad are wondering what’s next. the city of the future It manages to attract a vibrant international community with well-paying jobs and affordable luxury lifestyles.

The financial information agency “Bloomberg News” answers your questions by compiling the testimonies of some expatriates who travel the less traveled routes from the beaches of Rio to the technological center of Bangalore.

Kuala Lumpur is the first place to stay

Among the best cities to visit abroad, we look at Kuala Lumpur. Long overshadowed by neighboring Singapore, Malaysia’s capital attracts global businesses with its large English-speaking workforce, easy air links to the region, and relative affordability. In 2021, the city ranked first in a global survey conducted by “Internationales” with around 12,000 expats. Maximum score per accommodation. But what is most appreciated is the great cultural and linguistic variety that distinguishes it.

Lisbon, the most popular European destination

Among the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon By hosting events such as the annual “Web Summit”, it has reinvented itself as a hipster destination with its mix of culture, nightlife and Mediterranean climate within easy reach of the most spectacular beaches on the Old Continent. Last year’s “Dispatches” were described by the website “Now the most popular expat destination in Europe”Lisbon is experiencing a boom, with property prices rising steadily, thanks to an influx of wealthy immigrants buying homes in the capital or on the stunning Algarve coastline.

Many also opt for a beautiful spa CascaisConsidered a A good landing place for foreigners.Thanks to the presence of an international community and excellent schools, and the possibility of enjoying the beauties of Portugal at a slower pace.

Dubai, the future destination

For more than a decade, Dubai It challenges Hong Kong and Singapore for the number of foreigners, and the combination of pandemic and war in Europe has made the destination even more popular. The city in the United Arab Emirates has invested billions in the construction of the Burj Khalifa that rises above the futuristic architecture. future goal. So far it has attracted thousands of expatriates, especially in the business and high-tech sectors, attracting skilled workers.

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India

Capital of the state of Karnataka, in southern India, Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) has become One of the most advanced technology centers in the world, home to thousands of startups and software companies. With the growth of the expat community, international and local schools and bistros have sprung up to suit all tastes. Also known as Bangalore “Garden City”, thanks to the many parks and green areas. However, getting here can be a real challenge for those used to the metropolises of the Western world.

Mexico City is a favorite among expats

Mexico City Latin America is rapidly gaining attention as a hub for entrepreneurs and startups. Mexico tops International Expat Insider’s world ranking of the best countries to live in 2022 and its capital is home to expats from all over the world. It also prides itself on combining seven centuries of history with the most progressive politics in the region. One of the liveliest gastronomic scenes.

Rio de Janeiro, between beaches and relaxed atmospheres

Finally, take a look at the best places for expats Rio de Janeiro. Steeped in glamor for most of the 20th century, Brazil’s largest seaside city continues to attract foreigners. relaxed atmosphere And that world famous beaches, such as Copacabana and Ipanema. According to foreigners, a place that teaches us to live at a slower pace and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Cities to visit abroad: The best of the moment