Challenging the computer

Have you ever found yourself playing with i games already installed on the computer? If yes, then it is very likely that you enjoyed:

The dear old loner

Of course the king of all apps was definitely solitary who managed to combine the player’s strategic and logical ability together with that pinch of luck that is always needed every time one dedicates oneself to a game.

Here the goal was precisely “deal” the entire deck of cards by yourself going to arrange the latter in the right order starting from the King up to the ace, however alternating the red and black colors.

In the end it was necessary to obtain four rows where to “put back”, or pull out if necessary, the cards until the deck was complete. But of course it was certainly not the only card game available designed for a single player, it was in fact accompanied by two other games such as …

The Spider variant

In this case the same discourse of the arrangement of the cards starting from the King was always valid, but this time they were introduced more elements which contributed to making the game a little more difficult than usual.

First of all you had to arrange the cardsthis time present on ten file going to occupy almost the entire screen, for the same suit. Also only rows going down or single cards could be moved, but be careful!

Indeed, instead of drawing as usual and leaving the situation largely unchanged, here ad every card drawn matched a mass at the end of its row. By doing this the order was constantly changing and therefore, in order to win, one had to keep adapting one’s strategy accordingly.

And that Freecell

Another variant was that of the freecell solitaire where, this time, all 52 cards that made up the deck were placed face up, initially creating a certain “disorientation” in the eyes of the player who approached them for the first time.

As in the classic variant and the Spider one, also on Freecell it was necessary to create some stacks from cardsand also in this case there were four free spaces where to place the cards that we didn’t want to use for the moment.

What was therefore required was a approach strategic different which aimed more at a general view of the cards on the table.

In any case we remind you that for all variants covered, the best thing to do to customize a challenge it was to change the “background”, from vintage to futuristic, set a higher difficulty level and even a timer!

Being careful where you step in the Minefield

As the name itself says, the player is found in front of a series of small squares to turn only that he will have to guess which of them does not contain a mine that will detonate it. As he proceeds with the “exploration” he can also put the flag on the “suspicious” squares and see if he can get to the end without blowing up.

Balls and space with Pinball 3D Space Cadet

Present for about ten years on various Windows up to XP, Pinball 3D Space Cadet it was just a pinball futuristic full of lights, scores and lots of dynamism for the most demanding player.

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