Carnival of Viareggio, the Radio m2o disco float also parades

Radio m2o participates with its own float out of competition at the 150th Viareggio Carnival edition. It is the first time in the history of this great event that a private national radio station parades along the Viali a Mare. And he does it in his own style, shouting “Where to dance!”: his float, created by the artists Lebigre and Roger, during all six Masked Courses will be a real mobile disco, thanks to the DJs and radio speakers who will enliven the party with the best musical selection of the moment. An explosion of lights, sounds and colors with the absolute protagonist HumanLogothe futuristic animated logo-robot of the radio which will transform into a large mask for the occasion.

Alongside participation in the Masquerade Courses (February 4, 12, 16, 19, 21 and 25), Radio m2o also organizes two major live musical events in the very central Piazza Mazzini: “M2O NIGHT” with Albertino and Fargetta (Saturday 4 February, 8.30 pm, at the end of the inaugural fashion show) and “One Two One Two Party” with Wad and DJ Val S (Thursday Shrove, 16 February at 21.30).

“The Viareggio Carnival is a great moment of aggregation, energy, joy and sharing, common feelings with m2o and its editorial and musical line” – he says Albertine, artistic director of Radio m2o. “For this reason, participation in this event, known and appreciated not only in Italy but throughout Europe and the world, was born spontaneously. Among the points of contact, also the target: young, more by attitude than by age, dynamic and full of desire to have fun, intergenerational; as well as art: music is as much as the art of papier-mâché is, thanks to the skill of those who prepare the floats. And we, with our special float, for almost a month, from 4th to 25th February, will set the pace for the Carnival in all the Masquerade Courses, to celebrate art, music, the desire to get together and share moments of joy”.


Saturday 4th February

“M2O NIGHT” with Albertino and Fargetta

Piazza Mazzini – 8.30 pm

In the Nineties they drove young people from all over Italy crazy with the “Deejay Time” and the “Deejay Parade”. Today they are the best-known voices and faces of Radio m2o where they continue to entertain and dance throughout Italy. After the fireworks display of the first great masked course, Albertino and Fargetta will take the stage in Piazza Mazzini together for a unique and exclusive DJ set which officially kicks off the dances of the longest month of the year. Impossible to stand still. Viareggio lights up!

Thursday 16 February

“One Two One Two Party” with Wad and DJ Val S

Piazza Mazzini – 9.30 pm

One Two One Two is the Italian reference format for Hip Hop, Trap and Reggaeton music. Born as a radio program in the nineties, it enjoys a prestigious history and today continues to have great success through a tour in the main Italian discos and squares. Wad at the microphone and Dj Val S at the console are the entertainers of the party most loved by the very young. The show is scheduled at the end of the Masquerade Course on Shrove Thursday.

Radio m2o, national broadcaster of the GEDI group born in 2002 and entirely renewed in April 2019 with the artistic direction of Albertino, forms the radio bouquet of the publishing group Together with Radio Deejay and Radio Capital. It identifies itself as the radio of music and for music capable of inspiring several generations through a contemporary musical selection capable of intercepting and launching the latest international, musical and social trends. A POP and at the same time sought-after radio. The musical programming satisfies the collective need to listen to the music of the moment, urban, dance, pop, hip-hop, electronic, simply the most loved, most sought after, most shared music, the one that dominates the charts around the world.

m2o is aimed at a heterogeneous target (in terms of tastes, age, lifestyle), united by a youthful, dynamic, energetic attitude, through a balanced and harmonious schedule, a pleasant and captivating musical flow, coherent at any time of the day. Il giorno: the energy of international and national hits with some foray into the successes of the recent past; in the evening: space for research and experimentation, with DJ sets by the greatest international DJs.

Carnival of Viareggio, the Radio m2o disco float also parades