Caballero & JeanJass, Ashe 22, 8ruki & So La Lune: releases for the week of January 20

The beginning of the year is definitely quite busy. We take stock of the many releases of the week of January 20.

Caballero & Jean Jass – High & Fine Herbs Volume 2

The series having ended this week, Caballero & JeanJass end this season 4 in style with volume 2 of the mixtape High & Fine Herbs. The two hosts have prepared an appetizing banquet where several prestigious guests are seated. Of course, the contenders for the golden lung are all there. Limsa d’Aulnay, Le Juiice, Savage Toddy, Jimmy La Loutre, Arthur Qwest and Rowjay are joined by Rim’K, Soso Maness, So La Lune, Enima, Jok’air, Sopico, ElGrandeToto and thaHomey. A Volume 2 that keeps all its promises.

Ashe 22 – Twenty two

The turn of the drill perfectly negotiated and now in its rearview mirror, Ashe 22 delivers its very first album, Twenty two. And the rapper from Lyon seemed to be keen to remember who he really was. Largely marked by a still disturbing vocal imprint, as well as an over-vitamined and icy trap, this first album seems successful in large widths. There are also Central Cee, Soolking, Rim’K, ElGrandeToto, Hamza and Osirus Jack. A remarkable cast for an equally ambitious project.

Masto- Sonar

Almost three years after the promising A380, its first project, Masto is back with the ambitious Sonar. Built hand in hand with Ivy, who is very present in the production, this project allows Masto to open the doors of his universe provided with influences. Convincing and successful.

Baby Neelou- bromance

Bordeaux has not yet revealed all its secrets. After having shone in 2022 via Khali, BabySolo33 or $ouley, the Gironde city continues to rock its nuggets on the front of the stage. Originally from Biarritz and more broadly representing the South-West, Baby Neelou today unveils his very first project, bromance. Futuristic atmosphere, 8ruki and Leust as luxury guests, brilliant samples and an intoxicating voice, this first project concentrates everything that makes Baby Neelou’s music a work apart. Keep an eye on him, his future looks bright.


From the top of his 21 years, Mvlo opens a door on his universe with this first project taking the form of a precept of life. WORK, FAITH & HEALTH is a first salvo of eight tracks, presenting an artist navigating between his influences ranging from PNL to Isha via Future. In short, a first opus laying the foundations of Mvlo’s music, and already opening up the field of possibilities for the future.

8ruki & Binks Beatz – “Moon” (feat. So La Lune)

Night is falling. Lit only by the light of the “MOON”, So La Lune joins 8ruki and Binks Beatz on their nocturnal ballad. Together, the rapper and producer will soon deliver INT8TION, 8ruki’s debut album. Thus, after “MANY MANE” and “PADERYL”, the duo does it again with a third single taking the form of an ambitious collaboration. What a success.

Keroué – “Pablo”

2022 will have been the year of his solo affirmation thanks to the release of Eckmul, an 8 track with polished aesthetics and worked raps. We wonder what Keroué has in store for us in 2023. Half of Fixpen Sill is starting the year on a high note with “Pablo”, produced by DELHO. Nearly 3 minutes of pure rap, without artifice, for our greatest pleasure.

Zed, Stavo & Marjinal – “Kamikaze”

Zed and Stavo never leave each other. In the space of a few months, the two acolytes of 13 Block cross swords for the third time after “Michigan” and “Zidane 2”. If their chemistry is no longer to be proven, hearing Zed and Stavo collaborate always seems to have its little effect. Especially when the two rappers choose to venture a little musically, going into unexpected territory thanks to Marjinal and OG Céleste in production. One more work to add to the long list of successful encounters between Sixty and Ninety.

Bakari – “BAKATSUKI” (feat. So La Lune)

Decidedly, So La Lune is everywhere at the moment. After Caballero & JeanJass, Leone and 8ruki, “BAKATSUKI” with Bakari is already his fourth collaboration of the year. Produced by VRSA Drip, the track imposes a seductive alchemy between the Belgian and So, the two rappers exchanging phases and exposing their very particular sense of melody. Intoxicating.

Jey Brownie – “Grizbi”

Jey Brownie and Flem continue to teaser a joint project that promises to be delicious. The beatmaker, who no longer needs to be presented, offers his disturbing atmospheres and his dark piano chords to the crooner who shows impressive ease. In a haunting voice, Jey Brownie is increasingly establishing himself as a special artist in the French-speaking landscape.

BEN plg – “Victor Osimhen” (feat. Lujipeka)

Today attacking leader of one of the best teams in Europe in Naples, Victor Osimhen also made the heyday of Lille a few years ago. It is therefore quite logical that BEN plg pays homage to him. And for the occasion, he invites Lujipeka on a production with electronic reflections. A song heralding a busy year 2023 for BEN plg.

Nunca – “AHOE”

A blue veil in front of his face, Nunca walks masked and focuses attention on his music. With “AHOE”, the artist delivers a minimalist performance, dressed in disconcerting and futuristic voice variations. Produced by Kamaji, this single is, we hope, the first piece of a set that should push Nunca to reveal himself musically. And we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Wallace Cleaver – “benelli828” (feat. Django)

It’s a safe bet that Wallace Cleaver will be one of the sensations of this year 2023. An extraordinary kicker, he is now inviting Django on the powerful “benelli828”, produced by 999BIGGIE and PR. An explosive connection, brought to life by BORO and C14BONE.

Lord Esperanza – “Chameleon”

Lord Esperanza is definitely back. After having animated the end of the year 2022 thanks to “Les Ombres”, the Parisian rapper continues to tease his future project today with “Caméléon”. Piano-voice dressed with some percussion, this new piece imposes an introspective Lord Esperanza.

Caballero & JeanJass, Ashe 22, 8ruki & So La Lune: releases for the week of January 20