Bleached brows: do we dare the trend of bleached eyebrows?

Bleached eyebrows are definitely the beauty trend of the moment. It’s very simple, they are absolutely everywhere! Here’s how to adopt it.

Eyebrows ultra thin at the beginning of the 2000s, XXL eyebrows or shaved eyebrows… Trends in this area follow one another but are not alike. The latest? That of discolored eyebrows. It consists of make the eyebrows clear, even almost invisible. Long reserved for fashion shows, this beauty detail now invites itself on the red carpet as well as in everyday life. It stands out as the cool touch to our make-up. Here’s how to adopt it, with and without bleaching.

Bleached brows: a trend adopted by the stars

In Balenciaga’s latest Spring 2023 campaign, top Bella Hadid looks futuristic with eyebrows to match her platinum blonde hair color. But she’s not the only one to have tried this make-up technique… Discolored eyebrows appear on the faces of stars all over the world. Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Madonna or Lila Grace, the list of followers is long. Even the bushy eyebrows of ex-model Cara Delevingne have already had the right to their discoloration. More recently, social networks and in particular TikTok have taken over the trend. The #bleachedeyebrows hashtag has over 94 million views on the app.

For the bravest among us who aren’t afraid to see our eyebrows disappear, bleaching is a good option. Of the bleaching products exist on the market, however, they must be handled with care. The operation requires the use of peroxide or ammonia which can be dangerous for the eyes. This is why it is always better to entrust your eyebrows to a professional. For this, it suffices to go to a beauty salon or hair salon. If the hairs are naturally black, it will surely be necessary to perform several discolorations to obtain the same effect as Bella Hadid. And, the fade should be maintained regularly for even color. It is important to think carefully before starting. Erasing your eyebrows radically transforms the face and its lines. And above all, it will take one to two months with this platinum shade, the time that the hairs grow back.

The other way to achieve this look is to harness the power of makeup. You can use your concealer to brighten your eyebrows. How to do ? Just dip a bottle brush into the concealer tube and brush the bristles to evenly distribute the product. Once dry, repeat the process until the desired coverage is achieved. All that remains is to powder the eyebrows and use a transparent fixing gel. For an invisible effect, we opt for a color of the same shade as our skin tone and for a bleached effect, we turn to a lighter tone. Note that it also works very well with a face powder creamy.

It is also possible to use a colored cream as the make-up artist Pat McGrath does on fashion shows. The advantage of this option is that it is not durable. It is therefore ideal if you want to bleach your eyebrows occasionally.

Bleached brows: do we dare the trend of bleached eyebrows?