Blackpink is back with a poisonous hit and music video announcing their second album

Seconds after releasing their new single, Tonight, the K-pop group Blackpink found itself at the top of trending topics on Twitter. It must be said that the title Pink Venom has something to seduce with its melody evoking certain Rihanna and Beyoncé hits from the 2000s. This first title brings together all the ingredients that the girls band has used since its formation in 2016: the mix and match.

Pink Venom (“Venin Rose”) indeed merges hip-hop and pop with the sounds emanating from a geomungo, a traditional Korean six-string zither. Blackpink said, during an online press conference held hours before the song’s release: “Since our beginnings as Blackpink, we have always heard that our charm comes from contradiction. We wanted to describe the group using oxymorons both in terms of the lyrics, in particular with the mix of the term ‘venom’ with the pink color, and in terms of the images”.

Pink Venom is accompanied by a futuristic and sexy clip with very elaborate choreographies (already viewed 36 million times). Since their resounding debut, the quartet that will be the first K-pop girl group to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards 2022 in the United States, next August 28, has accustomed us to clips with extravagant sets and dance steps set to the millimeter. But the group’s label, YG Entertainment, admits that the clip of Pink Venom has the highest production cost of all their videos.

Jisoo, one of the singers of Blackpink, confides in a press release about this clip : “Since it’s a title released after a long period of emptiness, we care a lot about the visual elements. The song Pink Venom, itself, can bring to mind various visual universes.” In the video, the artists find themselves in a spectacular setting with buildings with brutalist architecture, a deserted street with vintage cars, a chapel in a deplorable state and an enchanted forest. It will also be noted that the four Blakpink always have a sharp style of fashion. This is no coincidence since Jisoo is Dior’s muse, Jennie, Chanel’s muse, Rosé, Saint Laurent’s muse and Lisa, Celine’s muse.

With this clip and this title, training with billions of views on YouTube announces with this new tube an album, Born Pinkscheduled for September 16, 2022, two years after the release of their first opus, The Album. Highly anticipated by their fans, this project – which will be released in two boxed versions, a black and a pink one, will mark, after numerous solo projects, the group’s return to the quartet format.

YG Entertainment, the South Korean record label, has already registered more than 1.5 million pre-orders of Born Pink, in less than a week. Blackpink, for its part, has also announced a tour starting in Seoul on October 15 and 16. This world tour is scheduled to make stops in North America, Europe (including France in December), Asia and Oceania until June 2023. Jisoo says on this subject: “The fans have waited a long time, and we are preparing to give it our all on this tour. I look forward to it because it reminds me of the excitement and thrills I felt at our previous concerts. We’ve put a lot of thought into this tour, as it’s been a while since we’ve done one. But since it is scheduled with the release of the new album, it will include a lot of new songs. We are getting ready to show a lot of our new sides to ourselves.”

Pink Venom (2022) by Blackpink, available on all platforms. The Scrapbook Born Pink (2022) by Blackpink, available September 16. In concert in Paris on December 12 and 13.

Blackpink is back with a poisonous hit and music video announcing their second album