Best of: the articles that marked the motorhome news in 2022

The year is coming to an end, the time has come to take stock of the motorhome news that particularly interested you this year. Where we find a futuristic motorhome, a first-price compact profile, testimonials from motorhome owners, humor and travels!

To achieve this top 2022, we of course consulted the list of the most read articles of the year. The 5 we have selected are in the top 10 of the most consulted, but do not necessarily constitute the Top 5. Why? Because it is also necessary to publish articles representative of the news of the year. We have therefore limited ourselves to the two most read presentations of motorhomes (but we could also have spoken to you about Polish Affinity Duo and novelties Knaus and Quick). Conversely, we have not included in this top 5 our article on the new trends in the motorhome sector, even if it is the most representative of current events in the sector. Why did we discard it? Because it concerns the collection… 2023! It would be absurd to place it in the Top 5 of the year 2022.

Hymer Venture S: an event motorhome

Full box for the new model of the Hymer brand. You have acclaimed this futuristic model, which is distinguished by its innovative pop-up roof, its rear lounge open to the outside and its particularly neat design. Although particularly innovative, this motorhome is well marketed. We have devoted several articles to it; the most read is certainly this one.

Hymer markets its Venture S, the motorhome of the future

This cable that intrigues our readers

You were very inventive when it came to imagining what this innocent piece of string could be used for, connecting the hubcap to the bodywork of this A-Class. We took the photo during the Euro-CC (European gathering of motorhome clubs, which took place in Liège this year). We also posted this image on facebook asking for your ideas. Some are outlandish, others more realistic. Our article offers a selection of your comments.

Seen on a motorhome: this cable that intrigues our readers…

Challenger S 194

It is the cheapest and most compact motorhome from the French brand Challenger. It measures 5.99 m long and 2.10 m wide. It is therefore perfectly in line with a trend noted by several manufacturers: that of slim or reduced-width motorhomes. This S 194 has another very emblematic characteristic of the 2023 collections: it is based on a Ford Transit carrier. A utility that is currently on the rise in the motorhome sector.

Challenger S 194: inexpensive, compact and well thought-out motorhome

The worst night in a motorhome

In this article, motorhome owners tell us about their worst night in a motorhome. To tell the truth, by launching this call for testimonials on our facebook page, we were not sure to make an article of it. And then your answers made us happy. For the most part, these are short stories of disturbed nights (by storms, disturbing noises, breakdowns, etc.). Experiences without gravity, which end well, and which make us smile today.

Their worst night in a motorhome: motorhome owners tell


In our Regulation section, it is still Portugal which occupies the first step of the podium. Since 2020, the Portuguese public authorities have done everything to keep motorhome owners in suspense. First the announcement of very restrictive national regulations (prohibition of parking anywhere outside the areas and campsites). Then a parliamentary debate that prompted the mobilization of local motorhome federations. Finally, the announcement of more nuanced regulations, but with the possibility for the Government to set up a mobile application for tracking motorhome drivers… which we have not heard of since. In this article, we take stock of the regulations actually in force.

Portugal by motorhome: hard to say if things have (really) changed

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