Bentley Mulliner Batur: the future of the winged B passes from here

Take a good look at the nose of this one Bentley Mulliner Batur which was presented in recent days during the Monterey Car Week. Her traits will become familiar to you over time. Mind you, you will probably never see on the road one of the eighteen Batur models that will be built by Mulliner, the special projects division of Bentley. This coupe, however, shows a preview of the stylistic features that will be taken up by the electric Bentleys that will arrive in the coming years.

Devilish grin

The typical front with the double pair of circular headlights is therefore destined for retirement. In its place comes the far more menacing gaze than thin LED headlights, which here almost takes on something diabolical, given the grin that draws the lower air intake. Also in the tail the lights are reduced to red slits, while in the side the flare that furrows the lower part holds the bench. She is the one to act as trait d’union among the enormous 22 ″ wheelswell highlighted by muscled fenders rear.

Bentley Mulliner Batur

Between past and future

If with the line the Bentley Mulliner Batur looks ahead, from a technical point of view it has its roots in the near past. In fact, they are concealed under the bodywork many components derived from the current Continental GT. The first of these is undoubtedly the motorwhich represents – according to the House – the latest evolution of Crewe’s classic W12 6.0, now no longer in line with today’s trends. Working up to the front of the intake and that of the superchargingas well as on the exhaust system (here in titanium and with 3D printed tailpipes), the engineers have managed to bring maximum power at 740 hp, with a torque of 1,000 Nm.

Bentley Mulliner Batur rear three quarters

Well planted

In Bentley they do not speak of absolute performance but describe in detail how the driver will be able to exploit them. He will in fact be able to select four driving modes, Sport, Bentley, Comfort and Custom, thus adjusting all the on-board electronics in one fell swoop. The management of the structure, which it relies on, is particularly refined triple chamber air suspension and electronically controlled shock absorbers. Through a 48V on-board network, the microchips also set the active anti-roll bars, capable of fielding a torque of 1,300 Nm in just 0.3 seconds to counteract lateral lying. A dutiful mention should also be made for the electronic self-locking differential and the four-wheel steering.

Bentley Mulliner Batur

Double cockpit

As you can easily guess by looking at the pavilion that turns tight above the waistline, the Bentley Mulliner Batur is a two-seater. The cockpit fully reflects the tradition of the brand, showing a painstaking attention to detail. There is very little futuristic here. Everything is designed to make customers feel at home and to satisfy even the demanding palate of those who have paid a price of around two million euros to grab the car.. Needless to say, all buyers had the utmost freedom in the choice of finishes. Among the options proposed were Scottish leathers and Dinamica fabrics, as well as carbon inserts and – listen! hear! – details in solid gold printed in turn in 3D.

Bentley Mulliner Batur dashboard

Bentley Mulliner Batur start button

Bentley Mulliner Batur: the future of the winged B passes from here