Battlefield 2042: soon to be put to death? Angry Gamers

According to new information, Battlefield 2042 is slowly approaching abandonment and therefore its death. Inevitably, it does not please the few irreducible.

The year 2022 has not been kind to Battlefield 2042. The game did not have the expected success, to the point of being quickly deserted after its launch. The misfortune of some is the happiness of others, since fans of the license have taken refuge with two other more popular opuses, and the situation may not improve in the days to come for the futuristic FPS. EA would slowly but surely begin to dig the grave of BF 2042.

Soon the end for Battlefield 2042?

Despite the carnage only a few months after its launch, Battlefield 2042 had somehow managed to climb the slope. The developers have finally made it the game it was meant to be over the updates, even if it means making radical decisions pushing them to remove features specific to this episode. EA obviously believes that Battlefield 2042 will never recover and will settle for minimum service in the future. The website dedicated to the game indeed seems to indicate updates at a discount in the future.

Each season will introduce a map with new experiences to challenge you and push the gameplay even further. With Battlefield Portal, you can rediscover the classics of Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, or change the rules with a modern twist with content from Battlefield 2042 “, can we now read on the page of the game. In other words, as soon as season 3 content will be scaled down. According to information from Tom Henderson, it would indeed include only one new map, a new vehicle, a Battle Pass and some new weapons and vehicles.

Season 2 Battle Pass

Four seasons and that’s it?

Also according to Insider Gaming sources, the developers had big long-term ambitions for Battlefield 2042. However, poor reception and disappointing sales forced them to abandon their big post-launch plans. DICE now seems to want to bet above all on Battlefield Portal, no doubt to round up those who have deserted the game in favor of previous episodes. The news is already making several players angrier than they were when the FPS came out. “Only 4 So in total we only had 4 new maps a year and a half after the launch. ” So in total we only had 4 new maps a year and a half after the launch. It’s awful. I won’t buy the next BF game “, comments for example a user. However, the developers will give concrete news this Thursday, November 10 at 5 p.m.

It is nevertheless recalled that EA has been satisfied with the minimum service for months, since the game is in the hands of a reduced team which must be satisfied with allowing the game to reach the high-end requirements which were sold during its communication campaign. Battlefield 2042 has come a long way since launch, but the goal has long been to cook up the promised four seasons. as quickly and as cheaply as possible “, had explained Jeff Grubb. It’s a safe bet that the FPS is officially a dead game once the objective has been reached, i.e. within a few months.

Battlefield 2042: soon to be put to death? Angry Gamers