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“In the beginning it was the solitary vibration of the violin that broke the hesitation, then it was the idea and finally the sweetness of a theater that blossoms in the city”, this is how we want to tell you “Al Bubduqyia – the Lost Concert” by maestro Sollima.

Rho – Let’s be honest, we laymen of Baroque music wondered: “why bring a tribute to Venice on the opening night of a theater in Rho?”. What do lagoon melodies and melancholy have in common with a futuristic theater in the Milanese hinterland? The answer, as always, came from the magic box that theater can be.

In the beginning it was there solitary vibration of the violin to break the hesitation, a solitude that could not survive surrounded by bare concrete and cold steels that have now found warmth in De Silva’s wooden finishes. Then came the idea, the madness of a musical symposium running furiously through calli and campielli, in a voracious search for space to make the notes blossom. And finally came the sweetness of a theater that blossoms in the city and soothes post-industrial wounds, spreading cultural harmonies. Glaring dynamics for those who experience the Venetian Baroque, however capable of illuminating the landing place of a new musical ship even hundreds of kilometers away where even Vivaldi is reborn as a rock star (as Maestro Sollima likes to underline).

And again, if Venice is universally considered “place of coexistence between different communities, coming from all over the Mediterranean, from the lands of the north, from the east”are we sure we don’t find consonance with the Rhodian reality which, you always know, is a landing place for the many migrants in search of a new life? It is the music of maestro Giovanni Sollima, to take us by the hand and guide us in search of common paths. Traveling through time, the topicality of Baroque music now becomes clear: “any composition, in fact, coming from a past, no matter how remote, lives again in the current time of execution and listening”. It is in this perspective that Venice becomes the “Lost Concert” which is found in Rho, in the birth of a new theatre.

blankThe emotions were tangible, as he recounted it same master Sollima to our microphones: “I made some music thinking about and exploring this theatre, in a state of birth, growth, gestation and the emotion is always strong because a theater is a place I don’t mean sacred, but an important place because it is a something extremely integrated with the social fabric with creativity, with imagination”.

The musicians

In the concert the maestro Giovanni Sollima performed accompanied by Federico Guglielmo on violin and with the ensemble Il Pomo D’Oro.

Giovanni Sollima is a true cello virtuoso. For him, playing is not an end, but a means of communicating with the world.

blankIt’s a composer out of the ordinary, who thanks to the empathy he establishes with the instrument and with its emotions and sensations, communicates through a unique music of its kind, with Mediterranean rhythms, with a typically Italian melodic vein, but which at the same time manages to bring together all eras, from baroque to “metal”. He writes mainly for the cello and contributes decisively to the continuous creation of new repertoire for his instrument.

The Friends of the Music of Padua, they define Federico Guglielmo with “an extraordinary versatility” and “a mature interpretative authority”, confirmed by the appreciation for live performances and by the awards for his numerous recordings. Already winner of the Antonio Vivaldi International Disc Award, he was also defined by the Boston GlobAnd “the new star in the panorama of early music” while the French music magazine Diapason in awarding him the Diapason d’or for a recording of Vivaldian concerts speaks of “gushing virtuosity that becomes a remarkable sampling of all possible violinism”.

Founded in 2012 by Giulio D’Alessio and Gesine Lübben, quickly established itself as an ensemble of exceptional quality. Il Pomo d’Oro boasts 10 years of intense concert activity all over the world and an impressive list of 35 recordings, many of which have been awarded. The ensemble is particularly well known and sought after as a partner to singers, both for solo recitals and for entire operas in performance and recording. il Pomo d’Oro is an official ambassador of El Sistema Greece, a humanitarian project to provide free music education to children in Greek refugee camps.

Laura Defendi

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At the De Silva theater, the rock star is Vivaldi | Sempione News