An overwhelming story, in this book we will be projected into an extraordinary futuristic scenario

Who among us does not have a corner dedicated to reading at home? The days with book in hand fly by. This is because a thousand different emotions are collected in a book. The bookshop is a tourist agency of which every book is a travel ticket. Reading can make you think, excite, but above all fantasize. An overwhelming story told in a book can project us into an unexpected future. The unknown can be frightening, but also intriguing. The future is a big question that everyone is looking for an answer to. This book will reveal to us what could happen in about eighty years on Earth.

Our destiny on earth

Climate change, an increasingly digitized and individualized society, what could they lead to. Hectic life often leads us to observe little the changes around us. However, it is adverse climatic phenomena that remind us of what is happening. Little respected nature over the years has become hostile towards us. Our society is no longer what it used to be. Inclined to pursue their own profit, we do not stop. The hectic life has made us less sensitive, even towards the people close to us. Where will all these circumstances lead us in the future? We do not know or perhaps we prefer not to imagine. The writer Claudio Secci, author of the book “The supervisor of suicides” thought of this.

An overwhelming story, in this book that projects us on another planet

The book projects us into the year 2109, when a global catastrophe forces humans to leave the Earth to reach a new planet. The small planet of KB34 is fortunately habitable, even if already colonized. In fact, while humans settle in the southern area, the other part is inhabited by Magnus0. The area coveted by humans because it is rich in resources is the North area. Domination of this part of the planet will allow humans to continue to live. The obstacle is Magnus0, aka a rebel cognitive android who escaped to 2098. This android is not alone, but has an army of robots commanding him. The raw materials necessary for the sustenance of men are almost finished in the southern region. Hence the need to conquer the other part of the planet.

Men live like robots

The protagonist of the book is Lewis Harper, a man who survived the environmental disaster on Earth. Through him, we will discover an unexpected future, where there is no room for feelings. The man here becomes a number. The number of suicides is frightening, humans do not support the distance from their planet. The loss of loved ones and everyday life is discouraging. There is nothing familiar anymore, not even flavors and aromas. In the exhausting wait to return to Earth, men live under a military dictatorship. As in all dictatorships, there is no freedom, not even of dialogue.

Humans live like robots and robots may even be more human than they are. In this scenario the protagonist Lewis is tasked with becoming a special operator. A supervisor of suicides. The purpose is to try to prevent suicide attempts by humans. Meanwhile the war against the Magnus0 proceeds. To find out what will be the fate of humans just read this book. A reflection on our conduct in a society where respect for others and for the environment is slowly disappearing.

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An overwhelming story, in this book we will be projected into an extraordinary futuristic scenario