An amazing gastronomic scene

As I have said on some other occasion, before, when people go to a restaurant, commented, when leaving, if it was good or bad. Now one goes to restaurants with curiosity. Sometimes they surprise you and, other times, they excite you.

Well, I would dare to say that Fifth Element is one of the new gastronomic openings to which I went with curiosity and that has surprised me the most lately.

Out of prejudice

We all have prejudices and overcoming them is not an easy task. I had mine when I went to this restaurant located on the top floor of one of the most emblematic nightclubs in Madrid, the Capital Theatre.

However, my impression was positive. The audiovisual experience it offers is spectacular and its gastronomy (I confess that it is where I was most skeptical), is not out of place. In charge of it is the chef Juan Suárez de Lezo, who manages the kitchen under an infinite ceiling that captures all the senses.

Rafael Ansón with chef Juan Suárez de Lezo. (Rafael Anson)

An “orchestra” in the kitchen and in the living room

And that in a space where there is room for 150 diners. Some experts believe that it is impossible for a quality haute cuisine gourmet restaurant to be able to feed more than 30 or 40 people. However, it is not so. It all depends on the organization of the kitchen and living room, the technological structure and the number of professionals who work in these two spaces, as well as in the cellar and in the cocktail bar

Fifth Element has created an excellent orchestrainterpreted by different professionals, who can feed, with a more than adequate level, all that clientele.

a futuristic space

It is a futuristic, fun and different space. The place counts with large LED screens and an impressive retractable vault, where different artistic videos are projected that surround the diner in such a way that it is easy to lose track of time.

The name is also surprising. As they say in the presentation, the four elements that make up the universe they are EARTH, FIRE, WATER AND AIR. “And there is a fifth element that complements and gives meaning to all the others: some call it ENERGY, others SOUL and some HAPPINESS”.

Quintoelemento is an avant-garde and surprising space where all the elements flow, mutate and integrate, stimulating all the senses. Especially, that of sight and taste.

Projection of an oceanic video in the restaurant’s vault. (Rafael Anson)

traveling kitchen

The chef Juan Suarez de Lezo He prepares a Mediterranean cuisine with the Asian and Latin American influences that characterize his traveling cuisine. Gastronomic creations full of innovation, flavor and good local products.

The chef has learned the trade in renowned national cuisines such as Arzak, Ferran Adrià or Mugaritz, and no less interesting international cuisines such as Per Se with Thomas Keller, Eleven Madison by Daniel Humm or Betony.

Centennial spaces, a century of life in the capital of Spain

Rafael Anson

The management of stocks and stews, the elaboration of nigiris and gunkan, the use of spices and, especially, the point that he achieves with the spicy ones are distinguished from his kitchen. creative recipes with small nods to elements of the most traditional cuisine.

Dishes such as the trilogy of tacos (Indian with hake, eggplant with eel sauce and Iberian with pickles) stand out; a refreshing green gazpachuelo with hamichi and amontillado granita; white asparagus glazed with black pudding and citrus foam; or the baby squid stuffed with caramelized onion and papaya. A green piquillo pepper stuffed with Iberian pork ear and cheek, very light. And the star dish of the house, the Chili Crab, a dish originally from Singapore, with soft shell crab, king crab and lobster in its traditional sauce with a touch of Palo Cortado.

Tempura hake with ginger glaze. (Rafael Anson)

Wine cellar and cocktail bar

The winery has more than 250 national and some international references, guarded in a beautiful cellar on the sixth floor. Also highlights the selection of sparkling, generous and sakes.

Photo: The Plaza de España in Las Rozas de Madrid. (Rafael Anson) Opinion
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Rafael Anson

behind the bar, cocktails with international influences are made, exotic combinations and where there is also room for great classics. A perfect option to start, finish or to harmonize with the menu.

It is definitely a place to see and be seen, but also to let yourself be captivated by its cuisine, its wine offer and its cocktail bar.

As I have said on some other occasion, before, when people go to a restaurant, commented, when leaving, if it was good or bad. Now one goes to restaurants with curiosity. Sometimes they surprise you and, other times, they excite you.

An amazing gastronomic scene