Acura unveils Precision EV Concept, a futuristic SUV with 2 transparent screens

After having anticipated it in recent days with some teasers, Acura today unveils the Precision EV Concept, a futuristic prototype that lays the foundations for the future electrified era of the Honda brand. It will start in 2024 with a SUV completely electric of which this concept aims to give a first taste. The shapes are sinuous, the feeling it gives is that of a premium-end vehicle, the technology is not lacking at all (there are a couple of transparent screens on board). But let’s find out more about the details shared by Acura and the images.

In the details of the Acura Precision EV Concept

The Acura Precision EV Concept is set up as a demonstration, an example of the design that will shape future Acura products in the age of electrification, including ours first all-electric SUV to arrive in 2024. With these words Emile Korkov, vice president of Acura National Sales, introduces the prototype unveiled today, a vehicle that, according to the brand, is inspired by the elegance and harmony of the shapes of Italian luxury boats. There silhouette is full of lines that the opaque Double Apex Blue color highlights, a silhouette that at the same time hides an electric engine (of which we know nothing for now) and a cockpit full of technology.

On board, this Precision EV Concept from Acura comes with a flat steering wheel inspired by Formula 1 cars (we saw something similar just yesterday with the Skoda VISION 7S prototype), a low driving position and a dual mode designed on the one hand for driving, on the other for relaxation.

Similarly to the aforementioned Skoda, the user can choose whether to activate the Instinctive Drive mode to maximize driving pleasure by adjusting the digital instrumentation and ambient lights, or relax with the Spiritual Lounge modewhich when the car is parked transforms the passenger compartment into a kind of living room, retracting the steering wheel and releasing a series of relaxing and restful scents with animated projections for relaxation.

Acura Precision EV Concept

As can be seen from this image, a large transparent screen which is paired with the instrument panel, very similar and curved, screens positioned in a surface rich in lines and poor in physical buttons, with various interactive elements designed to make the cockpit a decidedly futuristic and multimedia place.

Acura Precision EV Concept

Could not miss the care towards the sustainability of the materials used in the interiors, where there is extensive use of recycled plastics and aluminum materials from recovered elements. Even FSC-certified wood has been chosen and harvested according to certain standards that respect the environment. We are looking into new and innovative technologies for materials, to set an example for our customers and to reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. said on that occasion Gypsy Modina, Acura’s chief designer.

For the moment, Acura has not shared further details regarding this Precision EV Concept, a prototype that will publicly debut tomorrow at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering (California). We will therefore see a real concrete example in 2024, on the occasion of the launch of Acura’s first electric SUV, as anticipated.

In the meantime, for one view more complete and some more declarations take a look at this presentation video:

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Acura unveils Precision EV Concept, a futuristic SUV with 2 transparent screens