A scooter that reaches 200 km/h runs like a Formula 1

A new scooter appears on the horizon to break the mold in the motorcycle market, far from the functional spirit that daily life demands. The Horwin Senmenti 0 bursts in to break down prejudices, firstly because of its futuristic design, but above all thanks to the promise of offering features from another planet, never seen before in a product of this caliber.

Indeed, the specifications of the 100% electric motorcycle that the Austrian brand presented at the recent Milan Motorcycle Show are on a par with those of a competitive sports car. For example, it develops no less than 600 Nm of torque thanks to its rear engine, which is so powerful that it can reach a top speed of 200 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. more or less like a Formula 1.

But that’s not all: the Senmenti 0 also aims to be revolutionary in terms of its battery, which will be 16.2 kWh to reach a range of 300 kilometers at a speed of around 88 km/h. And thanks to its CCS Combo 2 fast charging system, it expects to recover 80% of its capacity in just half an hour.

Such numbers are the result of six years of research and development by Horwin, in which its engineers set themselves the goal of improving the efficiency of each component and minimizing the consumption of resources. And that meant, for example, breaking with the structural design that combustion vehicles brought here.

In this way, the Senmenti 0 is based on a central technology concept through an integrated intelligent chassis –IM, they baptized it– developed especially for this product, which abandons the traditional proposal of dividing the battery, motor and controller that has been known since forever.

It is not surprising that the Horwin scooter, a company that positions itself as the Tesla of motorcycles, is complemented with state-of-the-art technology also in terms of safety and driving assistance: it has 30 cameras, sensors and processors that provide it with a advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning, which will also allow you to record everything that happens both on the go and when it is off.

To that it adds exclusive benefits, such as the ABS system for braking, adaptive suspension, hill start assist and descent control, automatic hold, millimeter wave radars, blind spot and collision alerts and a real-time pressure gauge. tires, among others.

And in terms of comfort? Horwin assured that the scooter will not need a key, but that the ignition can be done with the cell phone, simply by bringing it closer to the vehicle. And, of course, heating the grips and seats, reverse gear and an intelligent windshield system, which goes up or down depending on the speed of movement, are not lacking in the list of comfort elements.

Nothing would be complete without an exterior design to match the product: it offers attractive and clearly futuristic lines that have little to do with traditional Italian scooters and their derivatives. A typical bet of a prototype, so advanced that it displaces, but that the brand promised to keep when the product becomes a production model.

In this sense, we will have to be patient, because Horwin advanced a lot over Senmenti 0, but little over its estimated date of market launch. He also did not give any indication as to what its price could be: high performance, it is known, is usually paid very dearly.

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A scooter that reaches 200 km/h runs like a Formula 1