7 luxury destinations: What are the most exclusive places in the world?

Half Moon luxury resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Photo: Courtesy of the Jamaica Tourist Office.

Luxury tourism has acquired great importance for a sector that has suffered so much in recent years; those who opt for this way of traveling are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and exclusivity, they seek unique experiences, isolated places and customization at the highest level.

The most exclusive destinations in the world are those that, beyond high prices, offer luxury tourists a space where they can unleash their dreams. These are some destinations recommended by Civitatisthe leading company in the sale of guided tours and excursions in Spanish throughout the world, to enjoy luxury tourism in the world.

1. The French Riviera

The Côte d’Azur has always been one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. Cities like Nice, Saint Tropez or Monte Carlo, its luxury hotels and its leisure offer, unaffordable for most pockets, have made even members of royalty decide to spend their vacation periods here.

Within the French Riviera, the town of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, around which a considerable number of luxurious villas and resorts have been established in recent decades.

One of the first personalities to discover the magic of Cap Ferrat was Queen Victoria I of England, who owned a palace nearby. Later, American high society figures turned this Mediterranean region into a center of luxury tourism. The Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat, Located in an elegant 19th-century palace that has welcomed guests from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill, it is a reflection of this golden age.

2. Antarctica

The human being has a curious spirit, and this has made him venture to discover and conquer the most remote territories on Earth. A few decades ago, nobody would bet that it was possible to travel to the end of the world, and even stay there.

Now it is possible, for a hyperbolic price, to book a cruise or spend a night in a resort in Antarctica, in the middle of an ice desert. Gourmet restaurants and luxurious villas with all the comforts are things you do not expect to find on the frozen continent, but they certainly exist, making Antarctica one of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

3.Montego Bay

Travelers seeking exclusivity go beyond high prices, and now require privacy and personalization as well. Jamaica has managed to combine all these elements to attract a tourist accustomed to luxury and maximum comfort.

Montego Bay is one of the Jamaican cities that offers private villas and luxury resorts where each property has its own chef, butler and domestic team, such as the Hotel Tyrall Club. It is luxury on another level. Another of the most exclusive destinations in the world.

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4.Sveti Stefan

Can you imagine a vacation on a private island in the middle of the Adriatic? If possible. To get there you can do it by yacht, helicopter, crossing an isthmus of sand… and there is one more detail, you must be a guest of a luxury villa.

We talk about the island of Sveti Stefan, on the coast of Montenegro. After the Second World War, this almost uninhabited island acquired great importance for tourism, until in the 60s, 70s and 80s, after the creation of its luxury hotel, it became a popular destination for Hollywood stars such as Marylin Monroe, Sophia Loren or Kirk Douglas. Richly decorated villas like palaces, private beaches, wellness areas and gourmet cuisine are just some of the luxuries that can be found in Sveti Stefan.

5. Luxury trains in Japan

Japan is at the forefront of futuristic technology, and this applies to the luxury travel and tourism industry as well. In recent years, trains that cross the country have become fashionable, equipped with all the comforts, which have nothing to envy a five-star hotel.

The Shiki-shima is one of Japan’s luxury railways, and its futuristic design mimics traditional Japanese craft materials such as marble and wood. It has suite cars and observation cars, where you can relax with a glass of champagne while enjoying the scenery. The cheapest ticket to climb Shiki-shima can cost $10,000.

6. Mauritius

Africa has become a highly demanded destination for travelers seeking luxury tourism. Its resorts located within private reserves allow you to discover the authentic African essence in exclusive experiences and safaris.

Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania… They are all worthy candidates to be on the list of the most exclusive destinations in the world, but we are left with Mauritius Island, a paradise of endless beaches and exclusive hotels that will delight lovers of luxury .

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7. Vegas

If you have cash and want to spend it, nothing better than traveling to Las Vegas, United States, and get lost in its casinos and nightclubs. Some of the most famous (and luxurious) hotels in the world, such as the Bellagio or the Mandala Bay, are located on the famous Strip, the best-known neon avenue in Las Vegas.

But it’s not all poker or blackjack in Sin City. Paying the right price, it is possible to enjoy unique and really daring experiences in Las Vegas, such as flying in zero gravity, shooting from a helicopter or doing dogfights in aerobatic planes; And for the most romantic, what could be better than getting married in a luxury wedding?

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7 luxury destinations: What are the most exclusive places in the world?