5 interesting games announced at Gamescom 2022 that have gone unnoticed

Just a couple of days ago the Opening Night Live was held, which served as a starting signal for the Gamescom 2022 from Cologne, Germany, and the event hosted by Geoff Keighley left behind a few games to keep track of. Although The Callisto Protocol, Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Island 2 or Lies of P have captured all the media attention, today we want to talk to you about 5 interesting games announced at Gamescom 2022 that have gone unnoticed. However, we should not stop paying attention to them and we will follow them very closely because they point to ways.

New Tales from the Borderlands

The Borderlands universe continues to expand and does so with a new Tales from the Borderlands. This time it does not come under the Telltale label, but it is Gearbox itself that is in charge of this narrative adventure that will not act as a sequel to the work starring Rhys and Fiona, but will put us in the shoes of a trio of losers who must face the Tediore faction. It arrives on October 21.

Under the Waves

Edited by Quantic Dream and developed by Parallel Studio, Under the Waves is a narrative adventure that invites us to dive into the depths of an alternative North Sea, in a techno-futuristic version. There, a man named Stan must deal with the pain caused by certain events in his life and fight to escape to the surface or be engulfed forever by the waters. It has no set release date.

moon breaker

The landing of Brandon Sanderson in the world of video games was one of the most anticipated events by fans of the fantasy writer. Moonbreaker isn’t exactly what you’d expect from his first foray into the industry, but it’s still worth paying attention to. From the hand of Unknown Worlds, creators of Subnautica, it is a Warhammer-type turn-based strategy game in which we even have to paint our figures. It arrives on Steam in September, although we do not rule out that it will also do so on consoles in the future.

New Lies of P gameplay coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch

Where Winds Meet

This game is an open world RPG with touches of action-adventure that faithfully and respectfully presents Chinese mythology. The visual comparisons with Ghost of Tsushima have not been long in coming. And it seems that Where Winds Meet drinks a lot from the work of Sucker Punch, but it also gives the feeling that it will bet on a much more focused approach on direct and fast action. For now it is in development for PC.


Blacktail is novel because it proposes us to put ourselves in the shoes of the role that the villain usually has. In this fantasy RPG we play as a 16-year-old girl accused of witchcraft and expelled from her medieval Slavic village. On our own it will be our decision to become the protector and guardian of the forests and their creatures or the terror of the villagers with whom we once shared a settlement and who now reject us. It arrives in December on Xbox and other platforms.

5 interesting games announced at Gamescom 2022 that have gone unnoticed