30 beautiful hairstyles that will be a trend in 2023


    The roadmap is as follows: from the most creative minds in hairdressing, to the catwalks. From the catwalks, to the streets. And from there, to your favorites folder, to your head or to the hairdresser. From this map come the best ideas for haircuts, dyes and hair colors, styles, hairstyles… and we are going to make a stop on the latter. Because believe it or not, there is not much left for 2023 to start knocking at the door and inspiration, who knows, may arise before time.

    We have selected 30 ideas that according to our forecasts, in 2023 will cause a sensation. We will see them on the catwalk, on red carpets, on social networks and at events of all kinds. And it is that the most sophisticated hairstyles, now, range from the classic braids to the side parting in a hairstyle with loose hair and a simple hairpin. Tastes are almost as infinite as the stars in the sky and that is why diving into this selection will be useful to you: there is a hairstyle waiting for you.

    What will we see in 2023?

    According to the ideas that have already been put on the catwalks, there are several winning styles. The most retro look, always fitting in perfectly with everything autumnal, with iconic volumes in shaped hair and Hollywood-style bangs. But simplicity also reclaims its place. From the simple Amelie-style mane to the half-up half-up bun, a mane decorated with a bow or a bubble ponytail.

    We also have good news for those who love to decorate their hair with all kinds of accessories: from maxi headdresses to bows on pigtails to create a futuristic style, jeweled hairpins or in the purest Y2K style.

    The side parting is another of the big trends for the coming season, coming back straight from the early 2000s to give a different style not only to long and medium length hair, but also to bobs and pixies.

    And if pigtails are always your star hairstyle, pay attention to how they are going to be renewed in 2023: from the maxi pigtails to which extra volume is added with hairpieces and extensions to the mini bubbles at the ends or carded at medium height.

    Are you ready for the new?

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Hairstyle with hairpins

In the style of the nineties, even emulating the Y2K look, with rough, striking and not exactly small forks. They can be the ideal accessory to break a naive style and give balance to your hair.

triple braided

Forget the two classic braids because now one more is incorporated, achieving a dreamy triple result like this one, seen on the Cecilie Bahnsen show.

Baby doll hairstyle

At Chanel, sixties manes have been recovered with volume, body and a lot of movement in rounded ends. And here the hairpins also appear, in a jewel version, with a very preppy touch.

bubble ponytail

The bubble pigtails are not going away and in 2023, as we have already seen in the street style of the Copenhagen fashion week, they are still present. The key: well polished and medium height.

Amelie style hair

The most childish, fresh and flattering French mane, with very thick bangs and lengths that graze the jaws. This is how the most classic mini bob is presented in 2023.

Braids and headbands

Both are intertwined in hairstyles with bohemian airs, collected at the nape of the neck, where braiding is the winning technique. This time, they do not frame the face with light strands like other seasons, but they completely clear it. Seen at Dior.

messy bun

It is the classic home bun, the disheveled, the undone. Well, in proposals such as those of Elie Saab he has accompanied the impressive Haute Couture dresses because the maxim, now, is contrast.

Mad Max Braids

Futuristic and “extra-planetary” hairstyles are also on the scene, with slicked-back, low-swept updos and mini braids that frame and unclutter the face in ways as unique as this one, seen at Elie Saab.

rolled up

The perfect guest hairstyle for 2023: a low updo made from braids and ultra-coiled locks that give rise to a spectacular creation like this one.

classic bun

The classic low bun with volume, which has previously been worked by teasing the hair, also appears among the proposals from firms such as Giannina Azar.

coiled strands

Another take on the twisted strand hairstyle, this time much more subtle. We have seen her in Givenchy’s proposal, leaving one side of her face clear and the other, with loose hair full of movement.

Hollywood look

The most retro style is also recovered for 2023 in hairstyles like this, seen in Guillarme, where a low ponytail has been completed with a perfectly polished and fixed front-side strand, creating a wave that not even the divas of the golden years.

ballerina bun

And also, recovering the basic essence of the hairstyle: with wide bun hairpins that allow the locks with which this bun that always triumphs is made, to be perfect. The plus: the moist touch.

side stripe

In proposals such as Lulu Liu’s we have seen how the side stripe gains strength. They recover it in hairstyles with a certain “two-mile” nostalgia, low, with volume, disheveled.

hair with sparkles

Alexis Mabille decorated the scalp of her models, with Afro braids, with small black pearls. This accessory goes from her face to her hair through the front door in 2023.

movement in tips

In long and midi hair, the movement of the tips will be essential among the trends of the next year. Rescue your round brushes, which have work.

ultra-polished look

The perfect office hairstyle: a low bun, wet, taut, messy and super polished. We have seen it in Max Mara.

pigtails XXXL

Super XL, because this time, they’re going big: with pigtails that go past the waist. Whether with extensions or not, you have to try it in 2023.

decorated pigtails

And continuing with pigtails, at Nouvelle Silk they decorate them with colored silk bows. A simple option to emulate from today.

Accessories: headdresses

The headdresses are no longer just wedding accessories to sneak into the day to day in manes with a rebellious touch like this one.


The quiff and bangs with volume will be the protagonists for all mini hair and short haircuts.

Side parting in short haircuts

An example of how the side parting next year is not only in maxi hair: also in bob cuts, stylized in a feminine and coquettish way to one side.

medium height pigtails

Not too high, not too low. The 2023 ponytail is somewhere in the middle, an ultra-flattering mid-height zone with a polished finish.


They will be your allies if what you want are high-rise hairstyles like this one, seen at Giambatista Valli, with a double parted ponytail with a braid.

balloon pigtails

Another way of wearing the ponytail, especially if you have a lioness mane: with maxi volume, collected at the end, emulating the balloon effect.

mini bubbles

And following the balloon effect, another way to achieve it is by making mini bubbles at the ends and fluffing the rest of the ponytail which, as you can see, is still halfway up.

vertical braids

This proposal, seen in Iris Van Herpen, proposes to place the pigtail braids vertically to give a minimalist and original look.

diva waves

In Vetements, voluminous hair was the protagonist. You will become a diva of 2023 with those curlers you have in the drawer.

Bangs with a life of their own

You are going to hit the round brush hard also if you have bangs, which next year will have a life of their own and above all, a lot of movement and volume.

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30 beautiful hairstyles that will be a trend in 2023