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🎁 France Musique offers you a selection of gift ideas to offer or treat yourself for the end of the year celebrations!

🎅 A magical Christmas with Cuba: A history of the island through its music and literature – Marcel Quillévéré

Cuba: A history of the island through its music and literature - Marcel Quillévéré
Cuba: A history of the island through its music and literature – Marcel Quillévéré

Cuba has long been at the crossroads of the world: a privileged meeting point between Europe and the Americas. In the 1930s, the Cuban writer Lezama Lima welcomed the Spanish poet María Zambrano saying to her: “You are here in reunion, in coincidence and in the islands. You are on the way to Caribbean illuminations where everything is resolved in light…”. This unique book tells for the first time the extraordinary story of this island in the heart of the Caribbean, from the unique angle of music and literature: the mythical Cuba as you have never been told!
This book is an adaptation of Crossroads of the Americas », a series of programs co-produced by Radios Francophones Publiques (Radio France, RTBF, Radio Canada, RTS).
By Marcel Quillévéré

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Crossroads of the Americas **” by Marcel Quillévéré

🎅 A magical Christmas with “Esprit Jazz” – Laurent Valero

“Jazz Spirit” – Laurent Valero

“The principle of Give me the standard, the program I host on France Musique, is based on listening to several versions of the same standard, making the choice of versions crucial so as not to tire the listener. Through this “Jazz Spirit” box set, my choice of themes and especially of their performers stems from the same concern, that of excellence in interpretation above all. It is also an opportunity to revisit certain familiar themes in other colors, and to introduce you to certain artists less known to the general public, but who are not there by chance.” – Laurent Valero

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Give me the standard **” by Laurent Valero

🎅 A magical Christmas with Soundtracks, An Illustrated History of Music in Cinema – Thierry Jousse

Soundtracks, An illustrated history of music in cinema - Thierry Jousse
Soundtracks, An illustrated history of music in cinema – Thierry Jousse

In the imagination of cinema, film music has long been considered a poor relation or, at best, a distant cousin. This is no longer the case today, because, in a few years, the culture of film music has grown considerably among a fairly large and rather informed public. This book aims to review the history of film soundtracks, from the Hollywood sound born in the 1930s to the soundtracks of contemporary blockbusters, and its major composers, including Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone and John Williams.
By Thierry Jousse

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Cine Tempo **” by Thierry Jousse

🎁 Find the great classics and timeless ones from France Musique!

Find the great and timeless classics of France Musique
Find the great and timeless classics of France Musique

🎅 A magical Christmas with Let the music ! Stravinsky -Lionel Esparza

Leading a life as surprising and overexcited as his scores, the artist, like the man, always refused to choose between artistic rigor and popular success; pleasure and austerity; family tradition and sexual freedom. Cosmopolitan both in his art and his morals, Stravinsky crossed borders: Russian of origin, lover of Venice, musical nomad, French by adoption during the Roaring Twenties, he settled in the United States at the end of his life. At the heart of these thousand oscillations, a single constant: never give up on desire, whatever the price to pay. After his scandalous debut with The Rite of Spring, in 1913, Igor undertook a musical itinerary in perpetual reinvention. An elusive player, he plays around with styles, dramatizes his creation, claims its carelessness. Eternally futuristic, the master Stravinsky still gives us today the most beautiful lesson there is: the unquenchable, joyful and implacable thirst for unconditional freedom.
By Lionel Esparza

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Relax ! **” by Lionel Esparza

🎅 A magical Christmas with The Ideal Nightclub of France Musique

From Mozart to Puccini, from Rameau to Philip Glass, the producers of France Musique, the reference radio station for classical music, have selected recordings of the greatest works played by the best musicians of all time. From essential records by Maria Callas, Glenn Gould or Herbert von Karajan to new generations of performers who give the repertoire a facelift, this Ideal nightclubcommented by enlightening texts, makes classical music accessible to all, but also jazz, musical comedy…
By Lionel Esparza – Preface by Frédéric Lodéon

🎅 A Magical Christmas Paris Opera, quite a story – Jeremiah Rousseau and Gerard Denizeau

In more than three and a half centuries, theParis Opera moved a dozen times. Sagas were tied there, writers wrote its legend, artists sublimated it, and singers gave it its prestige and its brilliance. Lully and Rameau magnified the bases of tragedy in music, we ignited for the white ballet, we applauded Swan Lake, we let ourselves be surprised by grandiose stagings.
The Grande Boutique dear to Verdi attracted Europe to its bosom: Meyerbeer and Mozart triumphed where Wagner failed. There were scouts named Charles Garnier, Jacques Rouché, Marc Chagall, Rudolf Nureyev, Olivier Messiaen…

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The Paris Opera, quite a story **” by Jérémie Rousseau

🎅 A magical Christmas with 42nd Street, The great history of musicals – Laurent Valiere

Exceptional documentation to explore all dimensions of the musical: focus on artists, shows, films, musical theater personalities, not to mention new releases and news about shows in Paris, London and Broadway. Richly illustrated with more than 300 photographs, posters, tickets and documents, this book proposes to highlight the great works of the musical, but also the most discreet. From George Gershwin to La La LandPassing by West Side Story and rock opera, it is a veritable journey through history, song, dance and music, on stage, on television and in the cinema.
By Laurent Valiere

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42nd Street **” by Laurent Valière

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