Why did they change them? The replaced actors of series and movies

It is well known that movies and series make last minute decisions all the time. Scenes that are deleted, endings that are recorded several times, songs that are changed and actors replaced are the daily bread of the great Hollywood productions.

This last aspect is the one that, for directors, can be more difficult. Finding another actor who can fill the shoes that his predecessor had left is not easy, more if the recordings have already started or are about to do so.

These are some artists that had to be replaced by others, did they make the right decision or not? We leave it to your discretion.

Ruby Stokes in ‘Bridgerton’

One of the most recent changes has been that of Ruby Stokes, who gave life to ‘Francesca Bridgerton’ in the Netflix period series. According to the American media ‘Deadline’, the sixth Bridgerton sister will be replaced by Hannah Dodd from the start of the third season.

His departure did not take many fans by surprise, since there were already rumors since last December. However, until now it was known who would be his replacement.

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Stokes had appeared twice in the first season, as her character was on a trip with an aunt. For the second, she was in three episodes and then disappeared without a trace.

The reason for his absence was because the actress is participating in another series called ‘Lockwood & Co.’to which he will dedicate himself fully and for which he resigned from ‘Bridgerton’.

“I love Francesca, but we lost her halfway through season 2. After exhausting all other options, unfortunately he had to leave for reasons beyond our control,” said Chris Van Dusen, producer of the series, for ‘TVLine’.

Douglas Scott in ‘X-Men’

Although it is almost impossible to imagine an actor other than Hugh Jackman as ‘Wolverine’, The truth is that he was not the study’s first choice to play the famous superhero.

Dougray Scott, famous for his roles in ‘Relentless Search 3’ (2019) and ‘The Last Passenger’ (2013), had already signed a contract to be the lead in ‘X-Men’ (2000), however, he never reached the set.

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He was a very powerful guy even though other people were doing everything to make it work

According to the same actor in an interview with the newspaper ‘The Telegraph’, He had to turn down the role to dedicate himself fully to ‘Mission Impossible 2’ (2000), by request of Tom Cruise.

“Tom Cruise wouldn’t let me do it. We were doing ‘Mission Impossible’ and he told me: ‘You’re going to stay here to finish the movie.’ I replied that he was going to do it but he was also going to do the other thing. For whatever reason, he said he couldn’t,” he claimed.

However, Scott stated for the same outlet that doesn’t hold a grudge against Cruise and that he admired the work that Jackman did with ‘Wolverine’.

Eric Stoltz, Claudia Wells and Crispin Glover in ‘Back to the Future’

The cast of this famous series of futuristic films changed several times. The most surprising was the replacement of Eric Slotz by Michael J. Fox in the character of ‘Marty McFly’.

According to various American media, Slotz’s departure occurred after six weeks of production on the first film, after the producers considered that he was not the right one for the role.

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The change was so sudden that, years later, Christopher Lloyd told ‘GQ’ that he had been very surprised by the decision: “Stoltz is a wonderful actor. He had no idea that change was coming. My biggest fear, because he was really working to get it right with ‘Doc,’ was thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can do (all the scenes) again.’

For the second tape of the saga came the second change. Claudia Wells, who played ‘Jennifer Parker’the girlfriend of ‘McFly’, was replaced by Elisabeth Shue.

The reason behind the change was the state of health of the actress’s mother, who was suffering from stage four lymphoma at the time. Due to extensive filming, the actress decided to leave the production.

“So many things were happening to me personally that, deep down, I never considered reprising my role and, in the depths of my soul, I knew that (leaving the business) was the right thing to do,” the actress told ‘HuffPost’ in 2015.

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As if changing the main character and his girlfriend wasn’t enough, the second installment also did not have the participation of Crispin Glover, who played the father of ‘McFly’. Although the change was very subtle and not noticed by many viewers, Glover was replaced by Jeffrey Weissman.

According to ‘GQ’ there are two versions of his dismissal: a lack of economic agreement between Universal and Glover or a ‘voluntary’ departure by the actor.

Apparently, the artist did not like the direction his character was going to take in the following installments, so he would have asked for a large sum of money so that the producer had no choice but to fire him.

Terence Howard in ‘Iron Man 1’

One of the changes most remembered by fans of the Marvel Universe It’s Terrence Howard by Don Cheadle, who played the character of ‘Colonel James Rhodes’ in ‘Iron Man’.

His departure was very controversial, as there was no clear version of what happened. It was not until 2013 that the replaced actor referred to the issue on the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ program.

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According to him, his departure had to do mainly with the monetary factor. According to the media ‘CBR’, Howard was the highest paid actor in the first sequelbut with the success that Robert Downey Jr. had as ‘Iron Man’, the income was invested in the second film, making the protagonist earn more.

“It turns out that the person I helped become ‘Iron Man,’ when it came time to come back for the second one, took the money that was supposed to be for me and pushed me”said the actor.

We think this movie will be successful with or without you.

Apparently, after signing the first film and having a contract for three more films, Howard was told by the producers that his pay was going to decrease.

“They came to me with the second film and said: ‘Look, we’ll pay you one eighth of what we had contractually. for you, because we believe that this will be successful with or without you’. And I called my friend and he didn’t call me back for three months”.

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Why did they change them? The replaced actors of series and movies