What to do with the kids this week? From November 28 to December 4

This week, the magic of the end-of-year celebrations takes over the capital with the City of Wonders and Days of celebration at La Villette. Other must-sees: the Book and Youth Press Fair, and the Paris Manga, for fans of Japanese culture. Street-art exhibitions, dance, music, workshops and cinema will complete the program! Nice week.

Falling for something

The City of Wonders takes over the Fertile City

From November 26, 2022 to March 5, 2023, the Cité Fertile offers you an immersive experience that combines artistic wandering and awareness of biodiversity protection. For more than three months, over approximately 8,000 m², immerse yourself in this magnificent odyssey to discover the wonders of our planet earth and of life. Merry-go-rounds, artistic scenography, Christmas markets, games, food court and winter bars await you.

Unmissable events

Holidays at La Villette

On the Place de la Fontaine aux Lions, the carnival is in full swing, a successful combination of popular celebration and a heritage site. Some sixty attractions are accessible: rifle shooting ranges, vaulters and wooden horses lead visitors, young and old, into a whirlwind of multicolored pleasures. Throughout the Christmas holidays, with family or friends, Holidays at La Villette promises moments of sharing and fun.

Discover Japanese culture with Paris Manga

The first Parisian pop culture festival, the “Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show” will take place on December 3 and 4 at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles. On the program, comics, video games, cinema, television series, web culture, manga, Japanese animations, cosplay, martial arts and many other surprises!

The Book and Youth Press Fair

The Book and Youth Press Fair will take place from November 30 to December 5 on the theme “desires of worlds”. An appointment with more than 400 exhibitors and the greatest French and international authors of children’s literature on 4 stages (literary, comics, voice and decoding), a large exhibition, an early childhood area. As every year, illustration workshops, meetings with authors, dedications, readings, animated film screenings, guided tours, literary tours and a large exhibition (outdoors) are offered. Great novelty: the Montreuil Book Fair TV channel!

Street art exhibition

Alice in Wonderland, an exhibition at the water’s edge

Waterfront Expos of the Joséphine Baker swimming pool continue their cultural program, now on the theme of Fairy Tales. Come and discover “Alice in Wonderland”. On the program, a collective and multimedia exhibition of Visual Arts, placed under the sign of the imagination and fantasy, declined by twenty artists of all genres. All audiences, it is aimed at those who have kept their child’s soul, young or less young, art lovers as well as neophytes.

Carbon Footprint by Seth

From Palestinian refugee camps to schools in Haiti, Seth’s painted children travel the globe. Enigmatic and faceless, they recount the transformations that are shaking our planet. This retrospective retraces all of his work through old works and unpublished site-specific creations. Canvases, photos, travel diaries and installations immerse us in the heart of his artistic journey. Each alcove of Fluctuart invites us to discover and share its memories of globe-painter, gleaned during 20 years traveling the world and its carbon footprint.


Dance and music

We dance with the Flip Flap festival

The Étoile du Nord theatre, dedicated to young creation, offers you the “Flip Flap” dance festival. A highlight for young and old discovering dance. You will discover “Behind the Scenes” by Clément Bazin and Cédric Scotto. This duo for a juggler and an author questions the major stages that go through us during adolescence, the upheavals of body and mind. Can we, very early on, decide to be happy?


Les P’tits Baudets present Colors

On the ice floe live two characters out of time… The ice floe is white, the atmosphere is calm, only the bellies gurgle. To stave off their hunger, these two seize on unexpected events and objects. Each color transforms the characters, metamorphoses them and provokes them. As part of the programming of Les P’tits Baudets and the Festival Les Enfants d’Abord, Color draws the spectator into a burlesque and poetic universe where color appears, like an outbreak of joy, hunger, anger, fear, like an ode to life.

Movie theater

The Great Children’s Day is in full swing in Gaumont cinemas

Discover a day full of emotions for this new edition of La Grande Journée des Enfants… For this new edition, two previews and a legendary film to be (re)discovered to a whole generation on the big screen. Many surprises await you on Sunday 4 December for an exceptional day dedicated to children in your cinema! On the program, the timeless ET, the extraterrestrial. But also two films in preview: Puss in Boots 2, the last quest and the animated film Pattie and the Wrath of Poseidon.

My Little Cinematheque

All year round in the halls of the Cinémathèque française, film screenings are presented to children to discover the great classics of cinema, from around the world and from all eras. This week, Fanatasia, the third feature film from Disney studios and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Henry Selick and Tim Burton, the directors, have fun with the codes of musical comedy offering their skeleton puppets very beautiful danced and sung numbers.

Spirited Away to discover

The Poplar Poster Center presents the work of Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away. Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl, is on her way to her new home with her parents. During the trip, the family stops at a theme park that seems run down to them. During the visit, the parents stop in one of the buildings to eat, alas, the food turns them into pigs. Panicked, Chihiro flees, she then meets the enigmatic Haku, her only ally in this terrible ordeal…

Activities and workshops

machine dreams

In this initiation workshop to artificial intelligence via its creative potential, Capitaine futur invites children to invent stories of a new kind. In the deglingo-futuristic entrenchments of Entr’espace, the intrepid future Captain lands on a planet populated by intriguing machines that express themselves with images… But how to unlock the secret of their language? The u2p050 studio offers an unprecedented introduction to “text to image” writing techniques using artificial imagination.

Create your book with Junko Nakamura

With workshops invented specifically for children, Junko Nakamura immerses you in the imagination at the origin of all her works. This workshop for children aged 5 to 10 aims to introduce the artist’s imagination and technique. Each child creates an accordion book by drawing the forest day and night with the technique of diffusion of India ink, and invents a story from their drawing.


Pauline Barzilai’s cave

Pauline Barzilaï is an author-illustrator. She published her first album “Maddi dans la cave” with MeMo editions. His work is highlighted at the Diderot youth library during a workshop and an exhibition. Paper, paint and scissors in hand, come create your own imaginary cave and discover its universe!

What to do with the kids this week? From November 28 to December 4