“Through binoculars” three centuries of guitar

Paolo Schianchi is a musician and performer out of the ordinaryable to master all the main varieties of the guitar, from the Renaissance lute to futuristic instruments of his own creation.

These include a 49-string guitar by the Cremonese luthier – of Argentine origins – Carlos Roberto Michelutti, and Octopus®, an electro-acoustic instrument invented by Paolo Schianchi himself and patented, with which it is possible to play live several guitars simultaneously using hands and feet simultaneously without the help of pre-recorded sounds.

Schianchi is a guitarist, composer, singer, arranger, researcher and inventor. With four Bachelors in Music and Communication, he was the first Artist in Residence in the history of Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania, USA (founded in 1847). He was also the first solo artist to perform in concert on the guitar at the Carnegie Museum of Art (PA, USA). Thanks to a passionate research work, Paolo Schianchi has recovered, restored and transcribed for guitar, after more than four centuries of oblivion, some unpublished manuscripts of the Renaissance composer Santino Garsi da Parma, works that musicology – due to adverse events – had dropped in oblivion, but which in the Renaissance were among the most popular and performed. Paolo Schianchi has received national and international awards as a guitarist and composer (Giovani Talenti, Rovere d’Oro, Ermo Colle,…). He has written, arranged and recorded classical, pop and rock music: for the latest Red Canzian album (I Pooh), for theatrical performances (Maddalena Crippa, Alessandro Haber) and international films, including “Somewhere Tonight” with John Turturro (directed by M. Di Jiacomo).

He was selected among thousands of artists for the RAI Nuovi Talenti project and Red Canzian decided to produce his solo album by selecting it from over two thousand artists.

He was recently awarded an EB-1 (Green Card) visa from the United States for “extraordinary abilities” in the art field, the most difficult type of permanent visa to obtain in the USA, usually reserved for Nobel Laureates, as well as artists with talents exceptional.

On Thursday in Gardone Schianchi will propose music by J. Dowland, JS Bach, N. Paganini, M. Giuliani, JK Mertz, F. Tarrega, M. Llobet, A. Tansmann.

The Festival offers a circuit of free admission shows inserted in a single billboard, with the direct involvement of the Municipalities belonging to the entire lake basin and its immediate hinterland. The artistic direction is entrusted to the master Serafino Tedesi assisted by his cultural association Infonote; the intent is to be able to involve more and more municipalities, even in the neighboring provinces.

The municipalities that are part of the 2022 edition are: Calvagese della Riviera, Desenzano del Garda, Gardone Riviera, Lonato del Garda, Malcesine, Nago Torbole, Riva del Garda, Salò, San Felice del Benaco, Tignale and Toscolano Maderno.

The Garda Community oversees the institutional and administrative coordination.

evangelical church
The evangelical church of Gardone Riviera

Sounds and Flavors: the 2022 program

Thursday 2nd June – 9.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Amphitheater of the Vittoriale degli Italiani – “V Symphony of Beethoven” – Orchestra Infonote, conductor Serafino Tedesi

Saturday 11 June – 9.15 pm – Gardone Riviera – Fasano below, Parish Church of SS. Faustino and Giovita – “Mozart and Beethoven’s sonatas for violin and piano” – Kaori Ogasawara, Silvia Sesenna

Wednesday 15th June – 9.15 pm – Desenzano del Garda – Rivoltella, Cloister of the Church of San Biagio – “Serenate for arches” – Infonote Ensemble

Saturday 18th June – 9.15 pm – Toscolano Maderno – Monumental Church of Sant ‘Andrea – “Concerto for Violin and Harp: a musical journey in Europe” – Davide Burani, Francesco Bonacini

Sunday 26th June – 9.15 pm – Gardone Riviera – Tresnico – Church of San Martino – “Journey into the history of music through the sounds of the cello” – Andrea Anzalone, Marco Righi

Sunday 3rd July – 6.30 am – San Felice del Benaco – Municipal jetty at the Port of San Felice del Benaco – “At dawn I will win” – Milan Luster Brass

Friday 8th July – 9.15 pm – Tignale – Limonaia Prà dela Fam – “NIght & Day” Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Porter, Morricone – Saxofollia

Sunday 10th July – 9.15 pm – San Felice del Benaco – Piazza di Cisano – “Without end” the timeless songs of Ornella Vanoni – Infonote Pop Ensemble

Friday 29th July – 9.15 pm – Salò – Piazza della Vittoria – “Films in music” unforgettable music and films – Infonote Pop Orchestra

Friday 5th August – 9.15 pm – Nago-Torbole – Piazza Hans Lietzmann – “The lost song of the Ark” the ancient Armenian musical tradition – Quartet Honegger & Aram Iperdjian

Sunday 7th August – 9.15 pm – Tignale – Sanctuary of Montecastello – Vivaldi “The 4 seasons played and told” – Ensemble Infonote, Serafino Tedesi violin soloist concertmaster, Federika Brivio narrator

Thursday 11th August – 9.15 pm – Gardone Riviera – Lutheran Evangelical Church – “Through binoculars – three centuries of guitar” – Paolo Schianchi

Sunday 21 August – 9.15 pm – Toscolano Maderno – Villa Romana dei Nonii Arrii – “MBQ… Brass under the stars” Music by Gabrieli, Purcell, Verdi, Debussy – MBQ – Modena Brass Quartet

Sounds and Flavors 2021: the concert at the Roman villa in Toscolano.

Sunday 18th September – 9.15 pm – Calvagese della Riviera – MarteS Sorlini Art Museum – “Aurore… soundscapes of 19th and 20th century French music” – Ensemble Phaine’s

Saturday 1st October – 9.00 pm – Riva del Garda – Auditorium Conservatorio “FA Bonporti” – “Sounds & Visions” freely inspired by the life and art of the genius David Bowie – Archimia String Quartet & Matteo Becucci & Federika Brivio

Saturday 8 October – 5.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “Impressions from new worlds” music by Dvořάk / Ravel – Indigo Quartet

Saturday 22 October – 5.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “Marilyn in Jazz” – Beatrice Zanolini & Gabriele Comeglio

Saturday 29 October – 5.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “The jazz side of Bacharach” – Archimia String Quartet “guest” Fabrizio Bosso

Saturday 12th November – 5.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “The quartets with piano by Schumann and Mozart” – Eridanòs Ensemble

Saturday 19th November – 5.00 pm Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “Piano solo recital” – Geoff Westley

Geoff Westley.

Saturday 26th November – 5.00 pm – Gardone Riviera – Palazzo Wimmer ex Casino – “The Violin and the Harpsichord in the XVIII century” – Fabio Biondi, Paola Poncet

Sunday 27th November – 5.00 pm – Lonato del Garda – Palazzo Comunale Sala Andrea Celesti – “I sing to the women” – Archimia String Quartet & Francesca Rossi Del Monte

Thursday 8 December – 5.00 pm – Salò – Church of the Visitation – “The Saxes For Christmas” Christmas Classics – Paolo Favini, Mattia Primon, Claudio Tripoli, Alberto Macciola

Tuesday 13th December – 5.00 pm – Malcesine – Palazzo dei Capitani – “Imagine” – Elena Giardina & Friends

Monday 26th December – 4.30 pm – Gardone Riviera – Villa Alba – “Concert of Greetings” – Infonote Orchestra, conductor Serafino Tedesi

“Through binoculars” three centuries of guitar