These are the best movies from the director of Avatar, and you can see them on Disney + and Prime Video

Despite the spectacular proposal on the world of Pandora, James Cameron has masterpieces that must be claimed. And no, Titanic is not one of them.

The latest film by the American director has already been released, the sequel to the successful Avatarand there are many discussions that have been opened on the internet around the excessive use of special effects in both productions, showing cinema as a medium solely focused on the visual. The seventh art has left us great movies with the 35 most extraordinary robots on the big screenlike the Terminator itself, and that’s why we wanted to rescue four titlesavailable in Disney+ and Prime Videowhich are the perfect mix between art and fiction.

Science fiction and action are James Cameron’s favorite plot lines and these are his most outstanding films, available on Disney+ and Prime Video

Although we will put aside movies like abysswhich is undoubtedly one of the director’s masterpieces, look for its extended version because it is priceless, we believe we have selected the four best fictions available on streaming platforms, Disney+ Y Prime Video, nowadays. And no, obviously, Titanic is not among them. If you let Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death, you can’t get into this select club.


The film that saw the birth of one of the rudest and most advanced robots of its time is the first great recommendation. Premiered in the year 1984 and with 107 minutes longThe Terminator is the film that launched the arrival of a new generation of machines ours past, looking for a way to take down the resistance leaders. The future of humanity was in the hands of Sarah Connor and the dangerous Terminator would not stop in his quest to eliminate one of the greatest dangers of the new breed of intelligent machines.

Watch The Terminator on Prime Video

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Seven years after the premiere of The Terminator, James Cameron returned to offer us one of the best sequels in movie history and one of the most important science fiction movies in modern history. We will witness the return of arnold schwarzenegger to the past, this time become an ally of the resistance, to stop a new model of robota fearsome T-1000, which once again has the last name Connor in the spotlightalthough this time who they must protect is Sarah’s son.

Watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day on Prime Video

Risky lies

The decade of the 90s was spectacular in content related to action movies and James Cameron moved like a fish in water in this genre. On this occasion, in his 141 minutes of footagewe will see again arnold schwarzeneggerplaying a Secret Agent whose life begins to fall apart when a secret from his wife comes to light. Special mention should be made to Jamie Lee Curtiswhich gives a spectacular replica to the muscular Austrian actor.

Watch Risky Lies on Disney+

aliens: return

Finally, we could not leave aside the sequel of one of the best horror and science fiction movies of history. If Alien introduced us to one of the scariest movie monstersthe known as xenomorph. The second part of the intergalactic saga allows us to continue the action at the exact point where the first film ended, with the Lieutenant Ripley waking up from hibernation, 57 years later, to which he had submitted. On his return to Earth, no one believes in the existence of the bloody being, but back to planet LV-246 the military will discover that they are not alone in the universe.

Watch Aliens: Returns on Disney+

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These are the best movies from the director of Avatar, and you can see them on Disney + and Prime Video