The James Bond Gadgets That Really Exist

Agent Bond’s dexterity with futuristic gadgets is well established. Let’s explore together which of these are now more than real.

Bond gadgets that exist in real life

“My name is bond; James Bond”. Surely we have all imitated this classic at least once in our lives. The legendary secret agent 007 saga has deeply marked many of us. One of the reasons for the monster success of the James Bond films is undoubtedly the panoply of spy gadgets used by the secret agent. Between missile cigarettes, chainsaw watches or even the famous jetpack, Bond has always known how to take advantage of his technological marvels to escape dangerous situations. Most of these ultra tech tools were only imaginary a few years ago. However, with the exponential evolution of technology, some James Bond gadgets are viable or even already in commercialization. Let’s discover them without further delay in this article.

Casino Royale: the subcutaneous implant

Released at the end of 2006, Casino Royale is one of the masterpieces that changed the general public’s opinion of the world of gambling. Currently, gambling is very popular online with Canadians because of its accessibility and film culture, among other things. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig playing 007, must apprehend the imperturbable Cipher. He then opts for a poker tournament in a posh casino in order to beat the latter and ruin him at the same time. Unfortunately, everything does not go as planned: the figure tries to poison Bond during the poker game and expects to see him collapse.

It is from this moment that the mythical poison scene enters. Online casino games such as poker, blackjack or roulette owe part of their prestige to such scenes which show all the stakes and the malicious pleasure that one feels in betting. James eventually gets away with the help of a subcutaneous chip. Thanks to her, these colleagues receive all the information about his state of health and manage to get him out of trouble. The secret agent then returns to the gaming table and defeats the Cipher with a masterful straight flush.

This once implausible technology is now more than real. Over the years, researchers have developed implants that make it possible to reconstitute the overall record of the wearer with precise information of all kinds. Even if for various reasons the wearing of this implant is not yet accepted by all, it is used to treat dangerous diseases such as brain disorders or to prevent cancer. But still, without the need for implants in the skin, tests on Huawei sports watches prove that you can know a lot of information about your health in order to prevent diseases and better treat yourself today.

The legendary Aston Martin DB5

A pure delight to see the best of spies parading around his favorite vehicle: the Aston Martin DB5. The saga made this model extremely popular, some versions of which were built for real in order to shoot in the film. We remember this classy, ​​retro-style machine that got the agent out of a lot of trouble. The latter has of course driven several makes and models of cars, but the DB5 is undoubtedly his favorite. She appeared in many of the opuses of the saga; including Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), GoldenEye (1995) Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and many other recent opuses.

Between 1963 and 1965 the production of the bolide had taken place then was interrupted for about fifty years. Recently, the historic designer Aston Martin Works has resumed service. In partnership with the EON studio (producer of bond films), 25 DB5 Goldfinger continuation cars were launched and will be identical to the millimeter to the DB5 of Goldfinger, gadgets and improvements included. You can buy these jewels in real life for the tidy sum of 2.75 M pounds sterling excluding VAT.

An overview of the small pleasures embedded in this new series of DB5:

  • The rotating license plate: Exactly like in the movie, with the controls you can change the license plate.
  • The front submachine guns: Don’t worry, they are dummy but very realistic.
  • The smoke screen diffuser: on either side of the car’s sides, diffusers are placed to sow your enemies. (lol)
  • The Kevlar Rear Shield: Yes, indeed Kevlar reinforced, this shield has been tested and is truly bulletproof.
  • Navigation system: it makes the same beep sound as in the film and in addition, it is a real radar.

Tomorrow Never Dies: the Connected Phone and the BMW

One of Pierce Brosnan’s best performances will surely remain this scene where he escapes the thugs in a rather special way. Indeed, two gadgets are highlighted here. First, the Ericsson JB988 which has several functionalities including a fingerprint scanner, a taser and above all a control box for the BMW, then secondly the BMW 750 itself.

After infiltrating hostile territory, James tries to escape but the thugs are already surrounding his vehicle in the parking lot. He starts the machine then brings it back to him by executing commands from the JB988. In 1997, when the film was made, the laptops used were very unwieldy and did not have great features. The prowess of this mobile and the car therefore appear to be futuristic. It couldn’t be otherwise, especially for the BMW 750, which couldn’t be Agent 007’s car if it had no gadgets.

Coming to the facts, the Ericsson JB988 and the BMW 750 actually exist but with fake features. Nevertheless, in recent years the sciences have evolved to the point of revealing convergence technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). The unimaginable in 1997 has become normality in 2022: smart wearables called smartphones can operate and control all kinds of remote objects for real. The BMW 750 meanwhile was produced in 03 copies with smoke and bug diffusers as the only really functional artillery, for safety reasons.

The Lotus Spirit in the Spy Who loved Me

In 1977, you can imagine what one might think of a car that turns into a submarine. When ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was filmed, much of the audience didn’t imagine the deep-sailing Lotus Spirit was a real one. To everyone’s surprise, the contraption was indeed real and was even put up for auction.

It was ultimately the very famous Elon Musk who bought the Lotus Spirit in 2013 for just under a million euros. However, he declared a little later to be disappointed with this purchase. Indeed the racing car is unable to drive on solid ground; it is a Lotus Esprit that has been permanently transformed into a submarine exclusively for the film in question.

The CEO of the car company Tesla, however, claims to have an idea of ​​the machine that will allow him to make a real amphibious vehicle. He unveiled a little more recently on his CyberTruck model which, according to him, will be waterproof enough to cross “not too rough” waters. For now, the billionaire will not be the first to make such machines because awesome amphibious cars already exist.

Moonraker: Space Shuttle

In Moonraker, when Roger Moore must find the culprits of the explosion of the space shuttle, we are plunged into a world where space travel seems acquired. However, the reality was quite different: even if later the 1980s were important for space travel, they were not any more reassuring.

Several attempts to explore space by space shuttle have ended in failure. Fortunately, the hope that had completely faded over the years returned when the American Jeff Bezos undertook and succeeded in his flight into space. With his company Blue Origin, the New Shepard was assembled. Named in honor of Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut, this spacecraft took off on July 20, 2021, 62 years after Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

All significant references that we certainly wanted to highlight the owner of Amazon. The trip took about ten minutes and went smoothly. We can speak of a success that has rekindled the flame of hope in the quest for space travel. As Daniel Craig bids farewell to his character in the latest installment of the 007 saga, the next james bond maybe get the chance to shoot a movie in space for real.

Skyfall: biometric weapons

Although they are not really marketed, prototypes of biometric weapons are in development or awaiting production. In Skyfall, when James Bond meets his new quartermaster Q who provides him with a special weapon as part of his new mission. This is the biometric Walther PPK/S, a revolver that only responds to the bond agent’s palm.

The butt of this weapon is equipped with dermal micro-sensors encoded with the user’s fingerprints. In this feature film Bond does not hesitate to use trickery with this weapon that no one but him can draw. But what about reality? In fact, Skyfall has received positive reviews from the media especially for its weapon. Whether it had any influence or not, smart weapons were created two years later.

They only worked near a wristband that the owner was supposed to wear and were marketed. Recently, the arms company Biofire developed a system for reading fingerprints for weapons. However, these types of companies have always come up against the NRA (National Rifle Association of America) which has disapproved of them until now. However, this technology should be closely monitored over the next few years.

The James Bond Gadgets That Really Exist