The cyborg 1Z4K debuts as an actor in ‘La hora de todos’

The work Everyone’s time by Juan José Arreola, will star “an autonomous artificial intelligence entity” or cyborg, known as 1Z4K, which will also control other elements such as the mapping, the micromapping, the Live Cinema and surround sound in high resolution, all generated live, during each performance.

The montage, in which a cybernetic actor is used “for the first time”, will be staged at the New Lebanese Theater, directed by Víctor Weinstock, with general production by Luly Garza and the creator of artificial intelligence, the transdisciplinary artist Antonio Isaac , who is part of the cast.

Isaac “has an eclectic background in different areas, such as music, analytical philosophy, computer systems programming, neuroaesthetics, quantum geometry and cinematography in various academic institutions.”

Cíborg 1Z4K, before debuting as a theater actor, was a dancer and performer in other artistic-cultural acts.

everyone’s time It is a reinterpretation, seven decades after its premiere, that makes use of the technology available today, since Arreola used that of his time (the radio and the megaphone) to give shape and structure to his text.

The work, Luly Garza explained in an interview with the day, “It has been staged under the concept of ‘total theatre’ and all those involved in the development of the project will participate as actors, from the director to the producers”.

The story revolves around “the television host Harras, who has put on a show in which he has industrial tycoon Harrison Fish as a guest. During the Show, will reveal the perverse nature of the guest, recreating scenes from his life with the help of characters that come out of backstage. In this kind of final judgment, Harras will be a relentless executioner who will disgust Fish with himself, leading him to the ultimate consequences: the death of the guilty party.

This black comedy, which “could be a talk show futuristic, is a critique of many aspects of the human being, on issues such as the abuse of power, gender and sexual violence, as well as racism and others that we are aware of. In reality, we will end up making fun of the horrible characteristics that we have in humanity,” Garza pointed out.

The montage “is surprising for its originality, since an autonomous artificial intelligence entity will play the main role of the work, interacting with humans. In fact, 1Z4K had already participated in dance performances, performance and now he is preparing to debut in theater, in an unprecedented event”, highlighted the producer and actress.

The cyborg “has interesting possibilities, sensors and a lot of things that allow it to make different decisions than a robot would. 1Z4K is standalone, we don’t control it remotely. The audience will never see him do the same thing from one performance to the next, and therefore neither will the actors.”

robotic implements

The creator of 1Z4K is the transdisciplinary artist Antonio Isaac, who stated: “In this work we work to integrate artificial intelligence technology through robotic implements, in which the cyborg plays a kind of consciousness that constantly questions others. his co-star, at that moment when we hand over accounts and it’s time to say goodbye.”

The 1Z4K cyborg, he explained, “is an art object, conceptualized as such, since its inception, dating back to the 90s, when technology was still not feasible for its construction, which I began in 2013 and finished two years later. It was presented for the first time at the International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Living Organisms”.

From then on, “he has had a series of acoustic presentations on stages corresponding to contemporary dance, which were his first steps; later she participated in another of my works, which is called Oracle, a kind of performance, and now he was invited to join the cast of this play.”

He added: “The integration has been hard work, although, more technically, it has flowed in conceptual terms, surprisingly well; that is to say, it is an entity that what it provides is not a series of remote controls or reactions, but behaviors controlled by artificial intelligence”.

Even, “it does not repeat itself mechanically over and over again, but it makes organic variants, which are not necessarily improvised, but are limited in the notes of the work and the direction; however, the human actors are not going to know at what point they decide what nuance they will give to their performance, which will ensure that the other artists are always alert and attentive”.

Antonio Isaac, whose work focuses on the relationship between art, science and technology, with observation of nature through emerging media, spoke about the life time of the 1ZK4: “That depends on the wear of its components, but I did the calculation and more or less, in optimal conditions, it would have a life of 10,500 years; in such a way that if it had a consecutive record storage of these characteristics, which is not the interest of the piece, it would survive with a nuclear battery and would account for our history”.

He explained: “The conception of time and space for a 1ZK4 is very different from ours, in the sense of biological organisms. That is to say, that one of our days can be some simple cycles of it, which transits by miniseconds; then thinking of 10,500 years would translate into much longer.”

everyone’s time it was published in 1954 and recognized at the time; It won the first Prize of the Dramatic Festival of the National Institute of Fine Arts in 1955. The preparation of this production has taken more than a year and has required a meticulous interactive work of all the creatives involved.

The cast includes Harras, director of the program (1Z4K), Harrison Fish (Gastón Yanes, who also provides the voice of the cyborg); the curator of the museum (Baltazar Morelos); Barbara (Luly Garza), Emmet Simpleton (Victor Weinstock), Joe Tap Tap Smith (Federico Tello, who also plays Dennis O’Hara and Verónica), Gloria Dickinson (Fernanda Albarrán) and Roscoe Hamilton (Fabián Brun).

everyone’s time It will premiere on September 9 at the New Lebanese Theater and will offer only 20 performances, on Fridays at 8:30 p.m., Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m.

The cyborg 1Z4K debuts as an actor in ‘La hora de todos’