Sky Glass, the TV with integrated content: what it is and what the price is

The new all-inclusive Sky Glass package

There TV of the future “airs” with Sky Glass. The telecommunications multinational offers the first in Italy all inclusive package, which can already be activated from the comfort of your home: with TV, content and technology. At advantageous prices.

The new service was launched with a claims sure impact and in line with the change: Much more than a TV. It is television that follows the changes in society and consumption, television that is totally integrated and adapted to the present day, where programming adapts to personal needs, in the era of highlightsof the stream for use and consumption customized of the public. But also the era of maximum digitization thanks to speed and modern technology.

What Sky Glass offers

Wanting to summarize a very rich package, with a range of offers, we could say that Sky Glass has speeded up the times of the new format to which Italy will have to adapt, offering an all-inclusive at an advantageous and competitive price.

Sky Glass offers the new state-of-the-art televisions in three sizes: 43, 55 or 65 inches. A container that simplifies the streaming of Sky content. The viewer becomes the master of the choices and personalizes his programs, TV series, films, documentaries, information. The public sovereign and participant, but also critical.

All this without using the parable. “It’s much more than a TV and allows you to watch Sky channels and your favorite apps with an easy interface,” promises Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia.

The video quality and colors are in Hdr, the sounds have a cinematic effect, with a spectrum and visual and sound nuances never seen or heard before. The ear will travel in Dolby Atmos. The eye is totally immersed in reality which now seems to go beyond the real image itself.

Only a 10 Mbps connection would be enough to “travel” at HD resolution. With a speed of 25 Mbps you can fly at 4K, even without Sky Wifi, with any line operator.

It is the first smart TV with a contemporary design, with aluminum colors and bright tones, entrusted to Map Project Office. Futuristic and realistic alike. The panel was designed by the Dutch company TP Vision, supplier of the giant Philips.

Depth of perspective, sound and images in a light “small screen”, which does not exceed 28 kilograms. With customizable remote control that looks like a Formula 1 steering wheel.

Sky Glass is also ecological and attentive to the energy transition towards which we must travel, because there is no more time to wait. The Sky Glass TV consumes 50% less electricity. Consumption halved but with exponentially increased power compared to appliances on the market.

The other benefit it lies in the fact that the customer does not have to go to the warehouses to choose the most suitable and avant-garde television, in line with the new standards. With Sky Glass everything is already ready and packaged: the device arrives at home, you don’t need a satellite dish, with offers and programming.

Too bad for the absence of it OLED technology screen.

Personalized television

“The streaming revolution has ushered in a golden age of content but it has also made life more complicated for people who often spend more time looking for a show than enjoying it. Sky Glass was created to simplify all of this and offer a simple and satisfying viewing experience”, observed the CEO Andrea Duilio.

How much does Sky Glass cost

Sky Glass includes the Sky Entertainment Plus and Sky TV subscription, as well as Netflix. A rich pot, which can be paid in monthly installments.

You can choose to pay in a single solution, or give an advance, spread over 24 or 48 installments, without interest, pay the monthly fee of your Sky subscription.

  • Payment in one solution.

The 43-inch model costs 697 euros. The 55” one costs 995 euros. The 65” TV has a price of 1293 euros.

The 65” TV can be purchased in installments of €23.90 per month. The 55-inch one at 17.90 euros per month. The 43” one can be paid in installments with a payment of 11.90 euros per month.

Sky Glass, the TV with integrated content: what it is and what the price is