Sanctuary Population One (2018). Futuristic movie. Criticism, Review

Sanctuary Population One is a film directed (and written and edited) by Lilly Heart Marriott. Starring Donald Auger, Mathew Bittroff and Angela Mercy Bower

Sanctuary Population One is one of those low-budget futuristic movies (the word: dystopia) that tries to alleviate production deficiencies with editing ideas… but not a script.

Sanctuary Population One (2018)


The human population is out of control and there are already eleven billion, so control measures must be taken. The Earth is a mess between selling organs and an unemployed population living with a disease created by laboratories.

Sanctuary Population One (2018)


I usually use a word that is not known in all countries: seedy. On this occasion, and without serving as a precedent, we will act as an impromptu “teacher” and we will explain the meaning of this word. “Cutre” comes to mean poor, poorly cared for, one thing… like it’s not “cool” much. It is something like that it is there but that it does not convince anyone and that everyone ignores it.

Well, you guessed it and our opinion about Sanctuary Population One is that it is not exactly a jewel of the Seventh Art but rather a “crappy” movie, made as best it could, with actors playing bad guys (they won’t have hit anyone, I mean because it doesn’t look like they’re going to win an Oscar soon), poor sets and, ultimately, a movie without means or ideas or treatment or characters or anything at all.

The thing is even (yes, even) more seedy because it is a dystopia and it is already known that when Spielberg It has 100 million and the best technicians, things will turn out pretty well, but if you have 100 dollars and some friends on the computer in the basement… well, it doesn’t turn out the same. Well, well, well, well, Minority Report has not come out and the thing is not hitting at all: you can see the lack of media everywhere, which it tries to hide with a tone like that, half naturist, ecological (and with an anti- corporate, not too subtle)… we don’t know very well what they have intended and we are not planning to take any course to find out about it either.

Come on, things have gone wrong and it’s like trying to do The Godfather and you end up taking out Grandpa eating an egg and falling asleep on top of the plate.

Come on, no.

Our opinion

In case it has not been clear or you are too literal… there is nobody eating eggs but almost. Lack of everything in a tape to forget in which it would not save… nothing.


Technical Sheet and Review

Sanctuary Population One (2018)


Movie title: Sanctuary Population One

Publication date: January 10, 2022

Director(s): Lilly Heart Marriott


Lack of everything in a tape to forget in which it would not save… nothing.

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