Prey, the Predator prequel gives a new warrior

Now it’s really true: the days of Disney princesses are over, it’s time for heroines; And Prey (with her warrior Naru), film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is the most striking example of the fabled revolution, the real turning point, a serious and well-studied change. The princess leaves the baton to the heroine. Last chapter of the saga of Predatorprequel to the very cult saga born in the distant ’87, Prey it’s available from 5 August on the streaming platform Disney +.

The origins of the predator

Disney returns to revive one of the most beloved sagas of world cinema, and it does so by telling the origins of monsterthe origins of predator.

1700, a terrible, cruel as well as indefinite presence attacks a tribe of Comanche. Not an animal, not even a monster, but something foreign, never seen before, coming from afar, from another world and with technologies that leave little hope for spears and arrows (or for the colonists’ bullets). Naru (Amber Midthunder), an enterprising and solitary heroine, will do everything to protect her own and defeat the new and mysterious threat, coming to challenge him in an atrocious confrontation.

Predator and Natives, an ambiguous juxtaposition, perhaps even difficult, but that in Prey, is developed properly. It might seem like a bit of a crazy idea, da filmaccio from the 70s z series, yet futuristic aliens (still today) and American Indians in this small (100-minute) film manage to coexist without too much effort. We pass fromaction to fear, from science fiction to coming-of-age films and al thrilling, and the action (even if in fits and starts) is not long in coming.

Excellent atmosphere of the story. Dark, savage environments and macabre, merciless actions, with a faint aura of splatter.

A true warrior

Prey Predator NPC Magazine

If they don’t see you show them

Naru says it at the beginning of the film, and the sentence, pronounced en passantit remains as leitmotiv of the whole work. And it is the protagonist who shows both her tribe and the viewer what is about to happen.

A new protagonist in Disney’s guise. A warrior, a true warrior. A heroine who makes intelligence and cunning her strong point; her best weapon. Seeing the final battle is believing.

Prey Predator NPC Magazine

In short, Prey it’s a good pastime. Little effort and good performance for a film that certainly (obviously) does not aim for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Good actors, of all Amber Midthunder, the protagonist, present in almost every hundred minutes. The special effects, on the other hand, are less goodat times weak and the direction that alternates discreet moments with serious style drops (repetition makes even the continuous transfocation technique disgusting).

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Prey, the Predator prequel gives a new warrior