Pirelli Calendar 2023: here are all the muses they inspired

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Pirelli 2023 calendar: who are the protagonists of this new year? What will we watch on this new creation? A year of figures awaits us, spread over several pages showing the divas, the inspirations, the location that inspired the project Love Letters to the Muse: this is the title of the upcoming product. The photographer is Emma Summerton.

Love Letters to the Muse, the inspiration

Fourteen Wonderful Muses were called for these shots. One for each month, plus two more. The title of the magical Pirelli Calendar already shows the more artistic side of the project: Love Letters to the Muse is the name. The rest is shown by the fantastic models immortalized by the photographer Emma Summerton.

At first for Emma the topics to be addressed seemed to be without a real connection. Yet, according to her point of view, they already complemented each other. In fact, this project was inspired by elements that belong to the photographer’s memories from an early childhood. Among these, one cannot fail to mention the works of Australian Vali Myer, a bohemian artist whom Emma approached when she was attending art school.

Many different nuances that inspired the photographer can be read in this work: from her obsession with Marilyn Monroe, to the songs of the Australian singer Chrissy Amphlett, who over time became a friend of the photographer.

Her calendar does not lack an image of Monica Vitti, immortalized in her thoughts on an island, of whom Emma speaks as a figure who has always reminded her of her mother.

Pirelli Calendar 2023: the cast

the castin order of appearance for the new Pirelli Calendar 2023 is listed below, from January to December:

Lila Moss, known as the Seer, between antiquity and youth, presents herself in photography as a figure in symbiosis with mother earth, while offering lessons of wisdom in her magical garden.

The Muse Photographer was Guinevere van Seenus, which is the real start for Emma’s project who in this case has chosen a top model who is also a photographer. An interesting decision that certainly brought advice, collaboration between the two artists and always new ideas to offer to the public of the 2023 Pirelli Calendar.

The 2023 Pirelli Calendar also sees the participation of Adwoa Aboah, called for this event “the Queen”. The attitude she has, the rigidity and regal demeanor that do not want to be a defect, but a great dowry speak for her and for her figure: right here they hide the inner disagreements that hide behind her a beauty characterized by great elegance.

Karlie Kloss is the Tech Experta muse brought by the photographer together with a great desire: to teach coding within a futuristic setting formed by elements of virtual reality.

Sasha Pivovarova in the 2023 Pirelli Calendar will be the Painter able to paint on the surface of the walls, creating a space made of colorful works. The excessive and bohemian inspirations that we will see are from Vali Myers.

For this project, Lauren Wasser interprets the Athlete immortalized in an arid landscape, so much so that she almost seems to be in a lunar environment, like a sovereign of space, ready to collide. It is no coincidence that the model is also an athlete.

Lauren Wasser THE ATHLETE

We talked a lot about Emily Ratajkowskibut with regard to the gossip and the relationship that tied her to the famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. For this new calendar project, we’ll see her be the writer depicted with two sides of her face reflected through the mirror, with an inquisitive eye towards the public who observe her and participate in her doubt.

Emily Ratajkowski THE WRITER

Cara Delevingnethe model we have often discussed, highlighting mysteries related to her probable drug problems, has begun to flourish again on the screen, already from the Paris End of September Fashion Week. For her, this participation in the 2023 Pirelli Calendar also represents a decisive step for her image and her recovery. For this occasion, Cara takes on the appearance of the winner performers.

Cara Delevingne THE PERFORMER.

Among the most well-known faces of all there is the model Bella Hadidrepresenting a Muse Leprechaun who evidently, like all mischievous elves, doesn’t tell everything, he hides something about himself.

Bella Hadid THE SPRITE

Kaya Wilkins is the Musician who is inspired by a crow for his songs, here too there is no lack of bohemian space elements.

Beyond all these there is Precious Lee, the Narrator of a trip and translated by any means, including audiovisual.


the Wise is represented by He Congdesigned serene and gentle, like a figure inside a dream, light and visionary.

A lifetime of revenge for Adut Akech, here in the project as the Dream Chaser representing the history of poetry.

Ashley Graham, the Activist she is photographed on a couch and wearing armour, judgingly looking at the camera.

Ashley Graham THE ACTIVIST

Pirelli Calendar 2023: here are all the muses they inspired