OCS: What are the films not to be missed in November 2022?

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The channel is expanding its catalog of series in November

  • “Fly me” by Christophe Barratier

This is the story of the very touching meeting between Thomas and Marcus: the first, a carefree young man, enjoys life with the money of his father, a renowned doctor. Until the day when the latter has had enough and decides to cut him off. He also requires him to take care of one of his young patients, Marcus, suffering from a serious heart defect whose life is punctuated by hospital stays. After a difficult start, the two boys will create a very strong bond that will change their lives forever.

Adapted from a German novel, this very beautiful film, in the same vein as “Intouchables”, offers a great lesson in life. In the casting, Victor Belmondo, grandson of the famous actor, Yoann Eloundou and Gérard Lanvin under the camera of Christophe Barratier (“Les Choristes”, “Faubourg 36”).

Dive into the heart of this very moving meeting of two beings that everything opposes, now on OCS.

  • “The revenge of the glittery shrimps” by Cédric Le Gallo, Maxime Govare

Go on an adventure with the glitter shrimp water polo team. In the first part, the spectator followed the course, not without pitfalls, of the team towards the Gay Games of Croatia. Here they are back for new adventures on the road to the Gay Games in Tokyo: the team misses its connection for Japan and finds itself stuck in Russia in a particularly homophobic remote region. Shrimp’s limbs should make themselves as small as possible, but it’s not always easy to hide their true nature.

In this rhythmic and joyful comedy, the directors also tackle more serious and delicate themes, such as discrimination and homophobia. In addition to a very well put together scenario, the film is based on the same solar cast as in the previous opus.

Join the crazy water polo team like no other from November 9 on OCS.

  • Problems by Eric Judor

The daily life of a hippie community at the time of the end of the world: Jeanne and Victor are two Parisians who, on their return from their holidays, drop by to greet their friend Jean-Paul, a member of a group fighting against construction of a water park. Charmed by this original way of life, they stay a few days and learn the habits and customs of these 21st century hippies. But, one morning, everyone realizes that the earth’s population has been decimated by a terrible pandemic…

A funny, regressive satire with notably Éric Judor as a bobo family man and Blanche Gardin in the unforgettable role of Gaya, the quintessence of hippie stereotypes. Follow the adventures of these last survivors of the human species from November 14 on OCS.

  • “Rock” by Michael Bay

Don’t miss this classic of the genre: General Hummel (Ed Harris), tired of the secret maneuvers of the American government, decides to act to avenge those who died during clandestine missions. After stealing several missiles loaded with VX gas, the renegade takes control of Alcatraz prison. Then commits an ultimatum: if he is not delivered 100 million dollars, responsible for compensating his men as well as the families of the victims, he will launch the missiles against San Francisco.

Two hotheads are commissioned by the Pentagon to arrest him: the FBI’s top chemical weapons specialist, Doctor Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage), and John Mason, the only inmate to ever escape from Alcatraz (Sean Connery ).

5-star cast with jaw-dropping action in this memorable adventure that is one of Michael Bay’s greatest hits. Watch November 19 on OCS.

  • “The 2 Alfreds” by Bruno Podalydès

If you missed it at the cinema, this is the opportunity to discover this charming French comedy, signed by one of the specialists in the genre, Bruno Podalydès. We follow the daily life of Alexandre, unemployed for years and father of two young children. His wife, exasperated by his idleness, gives him an ultimatum: he has two months to prove to her that he can be financially independent and take care of his two sons at the same time. Luckily, he quickly finds work at The Box, a new generation start-up. The problem, its policy is very strict: none of its employees should have children.

We find the codes of classic French comedy, the film is also critical of technological and robotic tyranny. Behind and in front of the camera, the eldest of the Podalydès brothers and in the cast, the youngest, Denis, in this somewhat lost role of father. Add to that, a Sandrine Kiberlain, as a ruthless “Chief Prospect Officer”, hilarious gags and particularly well-written dialogues for a funny and poetic result. The film will be available on November 23 on the platform.

  • “Tigers” by Ronnie Sandhahl

Discover the true story of Martin, who became a professional football player at the age of 16. He was quickly spotted by Inter Milan who offered him to join their famous selection. But becoming the elite of the footballing world also represents sacrifices. Martin will quickly have to choose what he really wants in his life, because in the football industry of the 2000s, everyone has a price.

Based on the life of Swedish midfielder Martin Bengtsson (tremendous Erik Enge), take a behind-the-scenes look at the world of football from November 25.

Since its creation in 2008, the Orange Cinéma Séries channel has enriched its repertoire with hundreds of quality programmes. This is the case again in November with several films to discover or rediscover. Subscribe now to one of the OCS offers of your choice.

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OCS: What are the films not to be missed in November 2022?