Movies and series about Artificial Intelligence that are scary

MEXICO CITY, October 31 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in multiple aspects of daily life, although sometimes we are not fully aware of it.

Precisely to be more aware, it must first be clear that it is artificial intelligence, which we can summarize as intelligent machines or programs, that is, they are programmed to carry out certain tasks automatically without the need for a person. monitor your work.

Therefore, there are many and varied examples, such as conversational chatbots to respond to the needs of users from various institutions, or the already popular personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa, which allow us to have a smart home, thanks to the fact that they use the natural language processing to interpret what is being communicated to them and thus respond to human needs, either verbally or through the execution of a specific action.

Smartphones are another example of devices that constantly use artificial intelligence, since they include a voice assistant (such as Siri or Google Assistant) capable of responding to human requests. Another example on smartphones is when the camera’s portrait mode is selected, and the smartphone software takes care of fixing the image automatically.

However, these technological advances are also present in the world of fiction, where they can generate feelings of wonder and restlessness, but also fear; since, without a doubt, the unknown will always generate some uncertainty for the viewer, since as the film director, Alfred Hitchcock said, “there is nothing more terrifying than a closed door”.

B12 Admark, a technology company specializing in sales channels with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, made a list of films and series with futuristic themes.

Ex Machina (2015)

“Neither abomination, nor repression” is the motto that Artificial Intelligence has in this film, since its objective is to obtain the same conditions as humans; This type of intelligence (which is usually captured with its own mind on the big screen), is now displayed with the need for freedom.

The story revolves around Caleb, a programmer who works at Bluebook, considered the most popular search engine in the world. In the course of the plot, he meets Ava, a fembot (female-looking robot) who has an amazing Artificial Intelligence, after Unexpected twists in the story, Caleb discovers hidden aspects of the experiment being carried out.

I am Mother (2019)

This controversial film presents us with a dystopian vision of motherhood, the premise revolves around an artificial superintelligence that, in order to save humanity, must first destroy it.

This conjunctural point of classic science fiction brings us closer to a thought by Hobbes: man will always be a wolf to man and the only way to control his violence is through the establishment of extreme laws.

The Imitation Game (2014)

This enigmatic film, based on the book “Alan Turing: The Enigma”, narrates the contribution of a prominent mathematician, who led a group of cryptographers to break a code designed by the Nazis to communicate, creating a machine that would save millions of lives. .

Black Mirror (2011, Netflix)

Known as a Netflix classic, which even has a movie, and which, despite not entirely focusing on Artificial Intelligence, is already considered one of the great works of science fiction of recent years.

The five seasons of this series express a very disturbing future, as well as events that could be more similar to our reality, addressing issues about great technological innovations of the human race.

To give some examples, in its last season you will be able to see the story of a young woman who became friends with a virtual version of her favorite singer, a kidnapping that was affected by the influence of social networks and how a video game can change feelings of people.

Better Than Us (2018, Netflix)

Russia came to Netflix to expose an interesting science fiction proposal, developed in a futuristic scenario of Moscow 2029, where androids are part of Russian society as servants.

The motto of this series is that a robot should not harm the human being or allow them to suffer damage, or at least that was the initial approach, since after the attempted rape of a man by a robot, it kills him, and a series of unexpected events begin to unleash.

Westworld (2016, HBO)

Set in the Wild West, this series narrates the possibility of interacting with androids with identical characteristics to humans, created thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, where “visitors” arrive to interact with them.

This series, shown on HBO, represents an interesting commitment to a different science fiction style, staging an impeccable futuristic dilemma that explores the consciousness of robots.

Movies and series about Artificial Intelligence that are scary