MONDO CROCIERA is back on TV, the television program that tours the most beautiful places in the world, on board the most beautiful cruise ships in the world.

Milan, 20 February 2023 – Around the world in 18 episodes: this is the extraordinary journey undertaken by Mondo Crociera, the program conceived and conducted by Floriano Omoboni in the photo with Pierfrancesco Vago.

which returns for the eighteenth year, Monday 20 February at 20 on Sportitalia ( lcn 60) and to follow on

Every week, until June, we will board the most beautiful cruise ships in the world, to discover remote and amazing destinations.

The first episode will be entirely dedicated to the launch of the futuristic MSC WORLD EUROPA which took place in Doha, Qatar, last November.

“This year we start with a special episode dedicated to the launch of a new state-of-the-art ship, much more than a simple means of transport,

but a 5-star floating hotel equipped with every comfort. – declares Floriano Omoboni -.

When we started about 20 years ago with Mondo Crociera, there were few who chose this type of holiday, which was considered elitist.

Today things have changed: more and more people are choosing to board a large ship to discover as many wonders as possible on the planet in a short time,

without having to worry about travel.

The type of public has also changed: if until a few years ago it was mostly the elderly who chose the cruise, today there are also many young people and families.

Each episode will tell both the “life on board” of the travelers and the wonderful places we will visit”.

Thus continues the almost twenty-year collaboration with MSC Cruises, which over the years has completely revolutionized the world of cruises.

“We thank Mondo Crociera and the TV channel for having always believed in us and having followed us over the years in a fantastic growth path”, says Pierfrancesco Vago, President of MSC Cruises.

During the 2023 episodes of Mondo Crociera there are many destinations to discover.

We will go to the Middle East, with stops in the United Arab Emirates and the Red Sea passing through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Persian Gulf,

but also to discover the spectacular Nordic landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, the North Cape, the Arctic Circle,

up to the remote lands of South America, from Chilean Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn, even reaching the Antarctic peninsula.

We will then travel among the most beautiful stops in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean with MSC Cruises, we will stop on the jewel island of Ocean Cay in the Bahamas

and we will witness the delivery of the coin on Explora 2, a ship of the new Explora Journey company, to then arrive among the beauties of our Sardinia with the GNV ferries.

Mondo Crociera is broadcast every week on Sportitalia and on a local TV network, but it also reaches millions of people in Europe thanks to,

the sports and tourism television channel programmed 24/24 h 7/7 days on the most important latest generation smart TVs such as Samsung TV Plus,

visible in Italy on channel 4513 and in Switzerland on 4514, Rakuten TV, present in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Rllax TV, visible in 21 countries around the world.

In this way the episodes remain visible for much longer than when they are broadcast in a certain time slot,

allowing you to reach a large and varied audience.

And soon Mondo Crociera and all the Sportoutdoor programs will be available, as well as on digital terrestrial and European smart TVs,

24 hours a day also on Sportitalia and on numerous local TV stations thanks to the innovative HBB TV system present in the latest generation TV stations.

The Mondo Crociera program is also always online on the platform Sportoutoor.tvwhich also hosts 4 other formats always conceived and conducted by Floriano Omoboni:

-Ski Magazine, already on air every week to talk about the best of the mountains, snow, winter sports,

-S4, the talk show dedicated to the 4 S (Sport, Sun, Sea and Snow) which hosts champions and protagonists from the world of sport and tourism,

– Blu Sport, dedicated to boating and water sports,

-Hard Trek, with a focus on outdoor, trekking, sky racing, e-bike and running.

MONDO CROCIERA is back on TV, the television program that tours the most beautiful places in the world, on board the most beautiful cruise ships in the world. – The Sports Journal