Learn about the myths, legends and adaptations of Pinocchio

pinocchio It is one of the best known stories in the world. Is he tale icon to narrate to the children and threaten them that their noses will grow if they say liesthat something fatal could happen to them if they disobey adults and that if they did not study they would be “donkeys”.

of all these beliefssome do appear in the children’s novel written by carlo collodi and published in 1883, but many other ideas have only been distorted or interpreted to suit the sociocultural imagination.

For example, Pinocchio accidentally kills the cricket who speaks (originally unnamed) when a hammer is thrown at it, and then the spirit of the insect appears to warn him of certain dangers. Furthermore, in the story there is never a whalebut a kind of monster shark that was “taller than a five-story building and longer than a kilometer.”

With all the changes and amendments that have been made to Collodi’s original story, there are also all kinds of films Y animated adaptationsin addition to the already recognized pinocchiofrom 1940 by Disney, which had its new version in live action this year.

Although a new version of this story will arrive before the end of 2022 by the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro (on November 24 to Mexican theaters, to later go to Netflix from December 9), how many more tapes or series have been made of the character?

More than 20 films and a dozen TV shows They have been made reinterpreting Collodi’s novel from different regions of the world, some have been lost over time, others are far from or close to what was written by the Italian author.

Meet here at least 10 audiovisual adaptations who have been forgotten, for being different, but who deserve a second chance.

the adventures of pinocchio (1911)

The first film adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s novel was a silent movie in black and white, as well as being one of the first Italian films of all time. For decades it was believed lost, but in 1994 they found the original negative in the Italian Cinema of Milan. It is not a faithful version of the book.

the adventures of pinocchio (1936)

Was the first animated version and his intention was for it to be the first feature film of its kind in Italy, but the project remained unfinished. At present it is lost, there is only the original script and some loose pictures; four years later the Disney adaptation that we all know would arrive.

pinocchio in outer space (1965)

An unusual Belgian-American production, where the wooden boy faces Stara intergalactic whale who seeks revenge after being abducted by Martians. The cricket does not appear, because it is replaced by an alien. His popularity was so great that he had a comic adaptation.

the adventures of pinocchio (nineteen ninety six)

It was a action production ambitious real between the United States, the Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom and Germany that had a budget of 25 million dollars, a figure that did not recover at the box office. Although it also had bad reviews, the sequel was made The new adventures of Pinocchio (1999), which made it straight to video.

Artificial intelligence (2001)

During decades, stanley kubrick He wanted to make his own adaptation, based on the story Supertoys Last All Summer Longby Brian Aldiss. The filmmaker told the screenwriter Ian Watson: “He’s a picaresque robot version of Pinocchio.” The manager died and Steven Spielberg took the project.

pinocchio (2002)

After winning the oscar for Best Foreign Film for Life is Beautiful (1997), Roberto Benigni adapted Collodi’s book with him as Pinocchio. Although it received mixed reviews, it earned six nominations for awards david di donatellothe equivalent of the American Academy Awards.

pinocchio 3000 (2004)

Is a futuristic version and animated, where Pinocchio is now a robot and tries to fit in among the humans in the city Scamboville which is in development, is also a musical feature film. To achieve this project, a co-production between France, Spain and Canada was made, but it was a flop at the box office.

pinocchio (2014)

It is one of the few series which are not animated and which was made in South Korea. The transmission rights of the series, which had 20 episodes and has a modernized version Set in the year 2000, they sold to China for $280,000 per episode, a record figure. It was one of the most watched programs.

pinocchio (2019)

The film co-produced, written and directed by Matteo Garrone It is one of the most beloved versions in Italy. The actor Roberto Benigni returns, but now to play geppetto. It earned 15 David di Donatello Award nominations, taking the most technical awards, and recouped its investment at the box office.

pinocchio (2022)

Disney readapted, now in real action and under the direction of robert zemeckisyour children’s classic to get straight to your system streamingbut it was a total failure in critics, because it lacks the spirit of the 1940 animated film. Tom Hanks What geppettoamong other star actors.

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