Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born

The greatness of technology it lies in its being”Human”. In fact, we are talking about human technologiesbecause the genius of humanity is hidden behind a hard disk.

Perhaps the ideas were conceived between a spare tyre, car grease and a chaotic worktop sheltered by a garage. It also happened to great inventors like Steve Jobswhose origin of its works and high-tech artifacts can now be traced back to California.

In recent years, more and more i travel between the headquarters of large IT companies in Silicon Valley. A kind of technology tourism finding more and more followers.

From the virtual to the real, it is now possible to travel, on the road, the dream of technological Americastarting right from the Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley: what to see

This is the industrial area of ​​the Californiaformerly known as Santa Clara Valleyspecializing in the design and manufacture of silicon microcircuits (from English siliconhence the name of the area).

In 1969, the Stanford Universityfounded in High pole in 1891, he participated in the ARPANET project (precursor of the internet), sanctioning the IT vocation of this valley of counties.

In the “Silicon Valley” you can visit i most important centers of high tech in the world. Traveling in an almost straight line, it is possible to:

  • Photographing the logo of the historic Apple company in Cupertino; factory that looks like a big magic circle from above.
  • Delve into gigantic Apple Parka neo-futuristic architectural structure with 6,000 trees, theSteve Jobs Theater Auditorium where Apple presents the latest releases, the Campus, 7 cafes, and the Visitor Center open to the public. All fully functional with renewable energies.
  • Visit the Google Mountain View (Googleplex)a huge complex of 60 buildings) at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (again, with spaces dedicated to public visits).
  • Enter the Ebay store in San Jose.

Passing by, TV series lovers will be able to take the ritual photo in front of the Netflix official logo
in the city of Los Gatos.


The Computer History Museum: where it is

A stone’s throw from the Googleplex, you will need to find the time to visit theworkshop of the futurethat of autonomous cars, without a driver.

This is one of the best-stocked museums in the world and suitable for anyone who wants to explore the history of computingfrom the past to tomorrow.

Stanford University, what to see

Building of the late nineteenth century, it is home to the prestigious university where Steve Jobs gave the famous speech to the graduates.

The campus can be visited with a guide at a cost of 4 dollars and by booking on the official website.

The panoramic view from Hoover Tower Observation Platform it is a mandatory step. But also there church with memorial and the museum of arts they are notable attractions.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Recommended for children, it also includes a cinema dedicated to original Hollywood films.

It is a complex with bizarre shapes used as a scientific and technological center with practices, laboratories, design challenges and many other curiosities.

Where ideas were born in Silicon Valley

Naturally, in the garages of the great inventorssuch as Steve Jobs, Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

The “technological” journey could end right here, on chaotic garage desk (in the Hewlett Packard House and Garage) or in front of the facade of the home of the genius of the “apple” (in Steve Jobs Garage), an American-style house with a garden, a large door that closes the parking space and the traditional mailbox at the entrance where one day Steve received a copy of the newspaper with his photograph printed on the cover.

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Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born