Hollywood dazzled by these fleeting Lamborghini

With you, the Lamborghini house. Hollywood cinema has been able to portray and immortalize the famous Bologna factory for decades. Next, a history of cinema, filming and automotive culture.

the italian house Lamborghini it is an icon of automotive culture; her design lines, her sporting spirit and her mimesis with the bull that represents her, are some of her distinctive features.

Born in 1948, in the region of bologna, this factory usually combines modern – even futuristic – aspects with a strong traditional identity in its models. Its success around the world is sustained in that dialogue. Devil, Countach Y Fan They are the models that received the praise of specialized critics.

Lamborghini is born from a rivalry. The search for its founder is known Ferruccio Lamborghini. Ferruccio, previously a tractor manufacturer, turned to sports cars and founded the factory influenced by Enzo-Ferrari. That will be just the beginning of a classic competitiveness in Italian culture. Lamborghini Y ferraritwo sports emblems.

However, today we will focus on the relationship that the Bologna factory has with Hollywood cinema. Movies often function as a showcase for car brands. So everything is given to indulge in these moments of brilliance: Lamborghini within the seventh art.

3- Lamborghini Jalpa, from Rocky IV (1985)

Lamborghini Jalpa, from Rocky IV (1985).

The year was 1985 and the famous Italian stallion was already an emblem. The first three films had worked for Rocky; children and adults, were waiting for the fourth installment of the saga.

Rocky IV He knew how to get the approval of the public and the critics. In it, there is a classic scene not only from Rocky but from cinema in general: Sylvester Stallone polishing his full black Lamborghini Jalpa. The Italian and sporting link between boxer and car was precise in this film.

2- Lamborghini Countach, from The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Lamborghini Countach, from The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Martin Scorsese’s head seems to work on all the details. This drama with hints of comedy is an example. Leo DiCaprio, in the shoes of an eccentric and fast-paced Wall Street stockbroker, is often seen driving an Italian-engineered beauty: Lamborghini Countachcompletely blank.

the scene of DiCaprio driving under the influence of narcotics Lamborghini It’s just great, and it’s worth the entire movie.

1- Lamborghini Murcielago, from Batman Begins (2005)

Lamborghini Murcielago, from Batman Begins (2005).

How do you realize that your car factory is elegant? because he chooses her BruceWayne for idle use at night Gotham city. Christopher Nolan’s trilogy has “raised” Batman into the 21st century, and a demonstration is the strength that the character takes from BruceWayne when you see him on the Bat.

Of course, you will understand, the choice of model is not random. We already know which animal is symbolically related to Batman.

Hollywood dazzled by these fleeting Lamborghini