Technology: a sector in full growth

New funding for technology and innovations, a good news for all young people who approach the market of new technologies with innovative proposals for the future. The ideas are among the most disparate, ranging from smart speakers to new glasses, which allow you to make videos and answer the phone, there is no shortage of ideas for the metaverse as well as those for self-driving cars, one of the topics we will have more to do with in the future.

Technology transforms and the world goes after it, trying to keep up with new products that can change our lives. The technology industry market is growing, as confirmed by the Atomic Report, we are talking about 100 billion dollars of investments in 2021 in Europe alone, a figure that is tripled compared to 2020. A fact that fully confirms how the whole technological ecosystem is growing, especially in the old continent.

10 scholarships to learn programming

For the full expansion of the sector, the inclusion of new professionals is also necessary, for a sector defined as Human Centric. HforHuman offers 10 scholarships to cover a six-month master in coding by BigWave which will start on 12 September in the H-FARM Campus in Ca ‘Tron (TV).

The course aims to train new generations who can operate in a high-tech environment, where programming lessons are alternated with real experiences in the field, such as the development of futuristic applications. The selection is simple, just have a high school diploma and fill in a form downloadable from the school website with a motivational video by August 20, 2022. The best 10 candidates will be selected after having taken an interview.

Objectives of the course developed by H-FARM

Marco Savini, founder of BigSchool and BigWave and Head of Edutech at H-FARM said: «We created BigWave with the idea of ​​responding to the growing demand for professionals who are able to develop applications and new technologies and we did it based on the experience of BigRock, training the new generations of artists in computer graphics, video games. and concept art“.

But the economic possibilities can be a stumbling block. In fact, Savini is keen to clarify: “Excellent training cannot and must not be just a question of economic possibilities: for this reason, with the H-FARM Foundation we have created a project to welcome 10 talents to whom we can give the tools to face the challenges of tomorrow.“.

In BigWave you enter another world, where students can learn to create smart mirror clothing stores, play and program robot dogs with artificial intelligence or move powerful space telescopes simply with the gesture of a hand and a virtual reality viewer. A new school for new workers who will create new things.

H-FARM: scholarships to learn programming