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Flavia wind ufo

Flavia wind ufo. Flavia Vento he said on Twitter that he saw a UFOs in Rome. “It was 6.30 in the morning, I was looking at the constellation Orion and it passed in the middle of the belt and flashed. Hurray, signalsiiiiiiiii”, wrote the soubrette. The post was very popular and received many likes, comments and shares. Among the many teases of the showgirl, even some tweets of support.

Who is Flavia Vento

Flavia Vento (Rome, May 17, 1977) is an Italian television personality and showgirl. After completing her linguistic high school diploma, she began modeling in Milan and Paris. Her career began in the world of commercials, with the participation in 1995 in that of Neutro Roberts and in 1998 in that of Ferrero Rocher. Her media notoriety derives from her participation in the broadcast Il lotto alle otto in 1999, in which she plays Fortuna and subsequently thanks to an advertisement for Lavazza coffee (belonging to the series of commercials set in Paradise), where she appears together with Riccardo Garrone and Tullio Solenghi. In May of the same year, the Italian edition of Playboy dedicated a service and the cover of the May issue to her. Subsequently, the television program Libero makes her known to the television public as a “valley under the table”: in practice, for almost the entire program, she remains locked inside a transparent cage under the table where Teo Mammucari, the conductor, puts down the phones that are used for the prank calls on which the program is based, only going out to tell puns or sing off key. For some critics, this participation provides yet another example of a girl with no particular artistic talents and limited cultural background, who became famous only for her physical attractiveness; others, on the other hand, point out that her role as “woman in the window”, taken to the extreme, is actually a criticism and/or mockery by the authors of the program towards the numerous “valleys” present in many programmes.

In the summer of 2000 he hosted the first edition of Stracult, a weekly program on Italian cinema conceived by Marco Giusti, broadcast in the late evening on Rai 2; the song Tequila (Mambo del Giubileo) by Piotta is also used as the program’s theme song, in whose video Flavia Vento is the female protagonist. In the same year she is chosen as the protagonist for the monthly Boss calendar, and she is also the protagonist, together with Stefania Rocca and Alessia Merz, of the commercials for the Enel privatization campaign. In the summer of 2001 she starred in the representation of Aristophanes’ Birds, together with Franco Oppini and Ninì Salerno, directed by Renato Giordano[4]. Also in this year he recorded the single CD Moreno containing 4 different versions. In 2002 she was in the cast of the Rai 2 Cinecittà fiction alongside Barbara De Rossi and Carlo Croccolo. In 2003 he took part in the film Andata e returned by Alessandro Paci. In 2004 he took part as a competitor in the first edition of the reality show La Fattoria, hosted by Daria Bignardi on Italia 1, where she retired a few days before the start due to misunderstandings with her classmates.

She approached the world of politics by initially declaring her sympathy for La Margherita, but in the 2005 regional elections she was a candidate in Lazio with the new PLI, which presented a single list to the PRI in support of the candidacy for president of Francesco Storace, obtaining 34 preferences. In many posts on her blog and on her official website, she professes to be a lover of animals, especially dogs, and has tried more initiatives to make readers aware of the problem of overcrowded and underfunded kennels.

On 16 and 17 May 2005, Flavia Vento hosted Striscia la Notizia on Canale 5 together with Pino Insegno and Pino Campagna. On 19 June 2006 you participated as a columnist in the pilot episode of Grimilde, broadcast on Italia 1, in which you suggested via earphones to the presenter Alba Parietti the questions to ask the guests interviewed. In the same year she is she together with other minor television characters who had received particular visibility in that period (Raffaella Lecciso, Antonio Zequila, Giucas Casella, Karim Capuano) in the cast of the film Parentesi tonde, directed by Michele Lunella, generally considered to belong to the trash genre. She was later involved in the Vallettopoli scandal for an alleged blackmail to the striker and former Roma captain Francesco Totti, an accusation that the starlet rejects and denies.

In 2008, Vento participated as a competitor in the sixth edition of the Rai 2 reality show The island of the famous, hosted by Simona Ventura with Filippo Magnini. She retired on September 29, 2008 for personal reasons, after having been nominated twice. In 2012 she returned to play the role of shipwrecked woman in The Island of the Famous, in the ninth edition of the program conducted by Nicholas Savino with Vladimir Luxuria. He will decide once again to retire on February 4, after ten days, due to health problems, linked to the numerous mosquito bites and frequent misunderstandings with his companions. After the program he published his first book of poems, entitled Parole al Vento. In the autumn of the same year he expressed his closeness to the 5 Star Movement in some tweets also taken up by the press. In the following years he took part as a guest and commentator in episodes of various television programs, including mainly Domenica Live, Pomeriggio Cinque andQuelli che il calcio.

In 2020 he returns to acting by participating as the protagonist together with Éva Henger, Giorgio Como and Costantino Vitagliano to the short film The postman always dreams twice directed by Rocco Marino. In September 2020 he enters the house of the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP, conducted by Alfonso Signorini[asacompetitor.Forpersonalreasonshoweverhedecidestowithdrawabout24hoursafterthestartoftheprogram.InJanuary2022heparticipatedintheBackToSchooltelevisionprogramonItalia1asa”repeat”.TheprograminfactputsadultstothetestundergoingtheFifthElementaryexam.Alsoin2022heparticipatesintherealityshowLapupaeilnerdhostedbyBarbaraD’Ursobutretiresasusualshortlyafterthestartoftheprogram.

Flavia wind ufo: