Eyeife, the largest electronic music festival on the Cubavisión screen

As if instead of one she had had several lives Suylén Milanés left as a legacy endless actions in favor of art.

Her overflowing energy and limitless imagination are seen in the new installment of Eyeife TV’s Cubavisión, a program to which Suylén put a lot of effort, bringing us closer to a festival that resembles in each edition the dream of the artist, the fusion of electronic music with Cuban music, a space where young people find a voice to make it and enjoy it.

Bringing the largest electronic music festival on the island to every house in Cuba was undoubtedly a challenge for the team led by a woman who left indelible marks on Cuban culture.

“What is known is not asked” is the slogan with which this new edition of the program arrives on Cuban television, which Cubavisión HD makes available on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. under the direction of Mauritius TV. Abad and which will premiere simultaneously every week on the Cubavisión TV YouTube channel.

Suylén always had it clear for the program to present a festival that represented the fusion of electronic music with Cuban music and in this case representative of the Yoruba religion, with guests such as Grupo Síntesis, Pancho Amat, Compañía Rakatán, Ernesto Blanco, Adrián Berazaín , among others.

The program celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Eyeife Festival in its 26 broadcasts, so one of its objectives is to bring together what has been done from the first anniversary to the current one and surpass itself in terms of staging, making it a mobile festival with contemporary sonorities according to what its director Suylén affirms in the first broadcast.

According to Anays Córdova Otero, Head of the Channel’s Musicals Editorial Office, and Sonia Pérez Cassola, Program Advisor, Eyeife TV responds to and expresses the aesthetic-musical and conceptual characteristics of the Festival of the same name, it intends to divulge the best of the electronic music of the country and its protagonists, as well as providing a space on national television that contributes to the development of this musical genre, and offering a show with aesthetic and visual standards that vitalizes the programming grid and connects with the viewers due to its appeal. In its structure, it presents three different sets, where artistic talent is diversified: Futuristic and technological, intimate and welcoming, and the Nave en Blanco, which presents a 360-degree experience and is intended for invited soloists.

In an interview segment we will learn about the ancestors and their music, a theme that Carlos Alfonso director of “Síntesis” brings us closer to. In each program one of the conductors, of the three that make up the proposal, will take a seat with an artist from the festival guests and we will travel through the impressive world of Eyeife according to its definitions and references.

Eyeife offers us a variety of offers, which defends electronic music fused with Cuban music, a program that Cubavisión, “everyone’s channel” premieres this August.

Eyeife, the largest electronic music festival on the Cubavisión screen