Comic con 2022 Iron Studios

On the occasion of the recent edition of Comic Con 2022, Iron Studios presented a large number of really interesting new proposals to all fans. Specifically, among these we also find the great return of a timeless cinematic icon: Back to the Future. So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s go immediately to find out more details about it.

Iron Studios at Comic Con 2022

Among the many new proposals presented by Iron Studios, here is the legendary couple who were lucky enough to travel aboard the Time Machine DeLorean. The characters in question are proposed in the Toy Art style, increasingly loved, praised and collected by all fans.

Photo: © Iron Studios

From the official images we can see how the young adventurer is represented intent on watching, looking worried at his watch, ready to go into action with his Hoverboard. Marty wears automated futuristic clothing, including a self-adjusting and self-drying jacket and a pair of self-lacing shoes.

As for Doctor Brown, the scientist wears eccentric clothes and is busy showing what is reported in the local newspaper.

Both figures are proposed with an exhibition base, enriched with the official logo of the film from which they are directly inspired. We also remind you that both products are officially licensed and that their overall height is approx 15 cm.

Hellboy for the MiniCO line

Also for the MiniCO line, Iron Studios also presented a nice reproduction of Hellboy. The character is depicted with one of his many little felines at the base, and is intent on playing with his kitten while he quenches his thirst with a can of his favorite drink.

Hellboy is dressed in an overcoat and wears tactical pants and boots. The character is also equipped with his trusty weapon used to eliminate monsters, placed in a holster attached to a belt with a buckle bearing the BPRD organization logo.

Photo: © Iron Studios
Iron Studios Comic Con

Are you ready to add one of the most beloved and charismatic modern heroes of comics, movies, animations and video games to your collection? Then this is the right opportunity for you! The figure is in fact inspired by his original 2004 film written and directed by the master Guillermo del Toro.

Hellboy sees its birth thanks to the comics by Mike Mignola in 1991 and was published for the first time by Dark Horse Comics, becoming a real icon in a short time.

But the surprises didn’t stop there

If this proposal hasn’t hit your hearts, Iron Studios is ready to hit the jackpot! Well yes, the news does not end here! The company, during Comic Con 2022, in fact presented numerous other proposals inspired by major film and comic productions.

Among these we find, for example, those dedicated to X-Men Age Of Apocalypse for the BDS Art Scale 1/10 line. Specifically, there are the characters of Bishop, Colossus, Storm, Rogue, Magneto, Weapon X and Apocalypse. And then again we find a splendid one Winter Soldier for BDS Art Scale 1/10 from Infinity Saga.

If you want to stay on the TV series, here is Arthur Shelby for the Art Scale 1/10 line, directly taken from the masterpieces of Peaky Blinders. Finally, we want to talk about the splendid He-Man for the Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 from Masters Of The Universe?

For more images or information on the new Iron Studios Comic Con 2022 proposals, please refer to the official page of the manufacturer.

Before saying goodbye, we point out that on Amazon the book dedicated to the memorabilia of the trilogy of Back to the Future!

Comic con 2022 Iron Studios – Let’s discover the new collectible figures