CES 2023, the most interesting tech news of this year

Broken down last year after the stop for Covid, this year seems to have returned to its former glory. From 4 to 8 January it was held the 2023 edition of CES in Las Vegas, the most important convention dedicated to the world of technology. And in addition to televisions, household appliances and smart watches, the automotive sector has also carved out a more important space for itself for several years.

All the main international brands were at the fair to present their new products. In addition to the most famous brands, there are also several smaller companies, which are often the ones that carry the most courageous and extravagant gadgets. Here are some of them more intriguing tech news of this year.

LG Signature Oled M3 and Samsung S95C QD-OLED TVs

LG announced the arrival of Oled M3a television from 97 inches frameless and very thin for the modest sum of 25 thousand dollars. The TV is wirelessi.e. capable of transferring a 4K signal at 120Hz in real time.

Samsung presented S95Cthe first television from 77 inches which uses the QD OLED technology. It improves on the previous year’s model with more advanced anti-reflection technology and brighter images.

The HTC Vive XR Elite headset

This is the latest version of the VR/AR headset by HTC and will be available at the end of February for just over 1000 euros. What makes it special is the size that comes close to that of almost normal glasses and weight, less than half of the Quest Pro VR. Also, the adjustment dials, or diopters, can change your lens prescription in real time, meaning you won’t need prescription glasses.

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The futuristic car BMW iVision Dee

BMW iVision Dee (Digital Emotional Experience) is a prototype of a futuristic and super technological car that integrates virtual and physical experiences thanks to the Head-up Display and the Mixed Reality Slider. The eye-catching feature is linked to an electronic paper film applied to the bodywork that allows you to view up to 32 colors and change the color of the car.

Holon, the electric minibus

Holon mover is sort of electric minibus designed by Pininfarina capable of covering a journey of 290 km and a maximum speed of 60 km/h with autonomous driving. Its typical application is in airports, campuses or large companies, but also as a shuttle to move around fairs or any other large space.

Schneider’s Smart Home system

Schneider Electric’s Smart Home System allows users to save money by checking switches, switches and sockets for prevent energy vampires (such as TV and charger) to absorb energy when we don’t need it. For electric vehicle users, charging can be scheduled when rates are lowest or using solar panels only.

The Pepaminto mattress cover

The German start-up Variowell Development has developed a innovative mattress cover which modifies the temperature of the mattress according to our sleep cycle. This topper is made from a combination of thin warming strips and naturally cooling graphite bands. For the moment, Pepaminto only works for users who have a Apple Watch. It won the CES Innovation Award in the Digital Health category.

The Withings U-Scan sensor

Technology in the medical field can make great strides, helping to prevent many diseases. Withings U-Scan tries to do the same thing, with a small device that fits inside the toilet monitor health with a check up in a short time and at the price of 499.95 euros.

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CES 2023, the most interesting tech news of this year