Beijing Express 2022, who are the pairs of the Sky and NOW program?

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Beijing Express 2022 from 10 March 2022 on Sky and NOW. Here are the couples in the cast, the itinerary, how it works and all the info on the program.

It now seems a modus-operandi that of Sky, to acquire formats known to the general public thanks to generalist television, and then bring them back to their vocation, and above all, their original duration. We’ll see if it also happens with Beijing Express 2022the first season by Sky will air from Thursday 10 March 2022 on Sky Uno and also on NOW streamingafter the conclusion of Masterchef. Sky, however, has decided to keep the conductor fixed, which will be again this year Costantino della Gherardesca.

For those who live in the Sky world and don’t watch anything else, this is the right article. In fact, we collect all the information on Beijing Express 2022, when it starts, how to follow it, how it works and there will be the 10 protagonist couples. Beijing Express is produced by Banijay Italia and from this year it will be a Sky original and will have 10 episodes.

Beijing Express 2022, the route, how does it work?

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10 couples ready to explore fantastic territories and to know extraordinary cultures but far from their own. This year’s route will be told in 10 episodes (2 per week) in what is called the “Route of the Sultans”. The cast will then go through the Turkey, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emiratesuntil the final that will take place in the futuristic Dubai.

In the over 7000 km that make up the course of the race, couples will be able to count on a few basic elements: only a backpack with a minimum equipment and 1 euro per day per person in local currency. It will be an adventure that will lead couples to discover and sometimes face local habits, traditions, foods and customs, overcoming tests that, kilometer after kilometer, will lead them to the finish line with the “Beijing Express” flag, stage after stage towards the final.

Beijing Express 2022, the cast, that’s who the couples are

  • The Fidanzatini: Rita Rusic and Cristiano Di Luzio. Rita Rusic, film producer, actress and model, participates with her partner Cristiano Di Luzio. He worked as a model and today he is an entrepreneur;
  • The Pazzeschi: Victoria Cabello and Paride Vitale. She, host and author, he deals with consulting in communication strategies, among other things. Victoria and Paride have been friends for over twenty years;
  • The Jackals: Fru and Aurora Leone of The Jackal. Gianluca Colucci aka Fru of The Jackal, Aurora Leone is a comic actress has been part of The Jackal since 2019, after participating in Italia’s Got Talent;
  • Italy-Brazil: Nikita Pelizon and Helena Prestes. Nikita works as a model and interviewer. Helena Prestes is a Brazilian model and actress and lives in Milan, she is very sporty and works as a yoga teacher;
  • Mother and daughter: Natasha Stefanenko and Sasha Sabbioni. Natasha Stefanenko former model, actress and TV presenter. She participates with her 21-year-old daughter Sasha Sabbioni as a student.

The eliminated:

  • The TikToker: Anna Ciati and Giulia Paglianiti. They are two tiktoker friends and influencers with over a million followers each. Both with a book behind her, Anna aspires to work on TV; delete first episode
  • The Athletics: Alex Schwazer, the well-known walker and Olympic medalist and the sports doctor Bruno Fabbri, passionate about walking and always a friend and fan of Alex; eliminated in the second episode
  • Father and son: the champion Ciro Ferrara with his son Giovambattista, is the third son of Ciro; eliminated in the fourth stage
  • The scientists: Barbascura X and Andrea Boscherini. Barbascura X is a chemist, writer and musician; very popular on social networks. Andrea Boscherini is an expert in natural sciences and has a real passion for animals; eliminated in the fifth stage.
  • The Independents: Bugo and Cristian Dondi. Cristian Bugatti aka Bugo, 48, from Rho, is a songwriter and musician. Cristian Dondi (46) is his best friend; eliminated eighth stage

What’s new in Beijing Express 2022

This year, couples will not only move through hitchhikingbut they will cross the desert on a dromedary, board trains, tractors, boats and have to face tough trails on foot.

When will it air and where to stream it?

Beijing Express will air from Thursday 10 March 2022 on Sky Unothen it will also be available on-demand and on the move on Sky Go. The program will be available in streaming on NOW, Sky’s streaming service, both live in the channels section, and on-demand. Just subscribe to the Entertainment ticket.

The numbers

The adventure of this edition of “Beijing Express” covered over 7,000 kilometers during the 37 days of shooting, for a total of over 3,500 hours of filming and 13,000 hours of editing. The crew consisted of 120 people (in addition to two doctors) with 20 cameras including go pro, gimbal and Fx 6 thanks to which about 40 terabytes of total shot were made (of these, 500 gigabytes thanks to the two drones used during the itinerary). During the shoot, 9 thousand liters of water were consumed.

The promo of Beijing Express 2022

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Beijing Express 2022, who are the pairs of the Sky and NOW program?