A la Blade Runner: Flying vehicle takes its first ride in Dubai

A Chinese company tested an electric flying taxi in dubai on October 10, offering a glimpse of the futuristic technology that someday might move users Through cities above the traffic.

The XPeng X2developed by the aviation subsidiary of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc, is one of dozens of flying car projects Worldwide. Only a few have been successfully tested with passengers on board, and it is likely to be many years before any are put into service.

Monday’s demo was done with a empty cabinbut the company notes that it conducted a manned flight test in July 2021.

The streamlined designed vehicle can carry two passengers and is propelled by eight propellers. The company indicated that it has a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Unlike airplanes and helicopters, eVTOL vehiclesor “vertical takeoff and landing electric”, they offer fast point-to-point personal travelat least in principle.

The pilotless vehicles they might one day carry passengers across the city above the congested highways. But sector still faces great challengesincluding battery life, air traffic control and safety, and infrastructure issues.

Dubai seeks to strengthen trade ties with Mexico

The International Chamber of Dubai opened its International Office in Mexico in June with the goal of increasing the volume of the commercial exchange between both nations in industrial, technology, tourism and food sectors.

Bilateral trade between Dubai and Mexico is currently 1.2 billion dollars and with the new office it is expected to contribute to increasing that figure in the medium term thanks to the opportunities identified, such as industrial and manufacturing experience de México with its participation in global supply chains due to its integration with North America.

The bet is on innovation and technology sector from Mexico to take it to Dubai, which is being promoted as the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for the Middle East as the basis for the economic transformation of the future.

Agribusiness and food sectors such as avocado, coffee, chocolate, nuts, legume flour They are another attraction of Mexico for that part of the world, since Dubai imports 85 percent of what you consume and the search for diversification of supply chains is a constant.

Tourism is not left out of the interest of doing business, as they still find a lot of space to invest in the sector in Mexico with its hotel chains and also for Mexicans to come with their hospital experience to participate in the Middle East market.

Emirates airline it already connects both countries with both passengers and cargo, and Mexico is part of the World Logistic Passport, a Dubai loyalty program for logistics operators that allows them to move their merchandise from one place to another more efficiently.

A la Blade Runner: Flying vehicle takes its first ride in Dubai