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Tourist trips, surgical operations, visits to real estate projects or spectacular video game experiences. There are great examples of uses of virtual reality today. A few years ago it seemed like a dream, but technological advances They have allowed developments that change the day to day of society.

There is no doubt that virtual reality has been improving people’s lives through its presence in a large number of industries. technology is coming to all kinds of online games, including games of chance like slot machines, for example. But also to fashion, meditation, cinema or medicine with therapies to manage pain for different diseases.

Of course, one of the most striking aspects are the interactive worlds that can be enjoyed without leaving the house. In addition, it is important to highlight that Virtual Reality is in full growth and development, so all the technology is just in its infancy.

Uses of virtual reality today

Many of the futuristic innovations seen in the movies of the 80s or 90s are now available. It is only necessary to use the virtual reality glasses that are gaining more popularity every day.

Great changes have been made thanks to this technology, facilitating people’s entertainment and daily tasks. Among the examples of uses of virtual reality at present, the following stand out:

surgery simulation

Different developments were achieved during the last years in medicine by virtual reality. Highlights the simulation of operations because This technology allows doctors to rehearse a complicated surgical procedure in a way that is identical to how it would be in reality. For example, many parts of the body, such as the brain, are looked at in detail in the case of tumors.

In this case, improvements in student training can also be added, among the examples of uses of virtual reality today. Future doctors practice different procedures in these new programs.

Pain management

When talking about examples of uses of virtual reality today, it is necessary to highlight pain management in the event of any discomfort. Many doctors use this technology to help in cancer treatments, burns or in physiotherapy. A case is found in dentists who can give their patients headphones to distract and calm them down.

Equally, It is used to treat phobias because it allows creating the environment for the patient to face it in a safe way.

Know Cities

Among the examples of uses of virtual reality currently appears the possibility of knowing cities. With apps like Google Street View VR streets can be traveled to be familiar before traveling to that place. In addition, there are companies that provide an extensive tourist service in large parts of the world without leaving your country.

live broadcasts

During the pandemic, the option of broadcasting live matches with Virtual Reality technology gained a lot of strength. In Spain they even carried out this strategy in a classic Barcelona vs Real Madrid. These cases will continue to grow in the coming years.

excursions and adventures

Another use of virtual reality today is videos that provide the option of enjoying great user experiences. Some allow you to enter universes belonging to different series, in addition to simulating amusement parks or showing documentaries.

Video game improvements

There is no doubt that an industry of video games and online casinos have taken advantage of virtual reality technology. An evolution has been taking place with games that provide spectacular experiences, whether adventure, shooting or sports.

Every day these innovations have more popularity and support in different tournaments, such as the “Super player VR BeFootbal” held in Spain last year, which was promoted by the Real spanish soccer federation.

Changes in design and manufacturing

An example of the uses of virtual reality today that has improved people’s lives is found in the changes that it allows to make in the design and manufacture of all kinds of products, such as cars or shoes.

These are some examples of uses of virtual reality that demonstrate the impact of the technology. There are many moresince it is used in meditation applications, in the real estate market with the aim of carrying out guided tours, in architecture to create projects, as well as in sports with the idea of ​​improving training.

There is no doubt that virtual reality is an important part of society and will continue to evolve in the coming years.

7 Uses of Virtual Reality today | NewEsc