7 comic book classics in comprehensive editions to start the year

They have never been published in Spain so many comic classics in such careful editions like the ones we are currently enjoying. From the EC horror stories of the 40s to the best superhero comics, the greats of European comics and even manga. They are even reissuing classic Spanish comics from the 60s and 70s (although little by little). Because We want to recommend some really essential titles.

‘Weird Science’ EC’s science fiction comics

Cover of ‘Weird Science 3’

Diabolo editions has made a strong commitment to the great North American classics, such as Li’l Abner, which has just started publishing. Not forgetting his collection of EC sci-fi and horror series from the 1950s, mythical comics due to their exceptional quality and because they were the excuse for the appearance of the self-censorship code in comics. And they have been adapted into numerous movies and television series. Among the latest releases in this line we find the third volume of Weird Sciencethe penultimate volume of this essential collection that collects the most amazing science fiction stories of cartoon myths like Johnny Craig, Al feldstein, Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Graham Ingels, All Williamson, Reed Crandall… Surprising stories, with unexpected endings and amazing drawings. This volume collects mythical stories such as The Martians! He walked among us, A miscalculation, Seed from space! EITHERUnmounted!published in 1953

‘Haunted Horror’, terror in the 50s

Cover of ‘Haunted Horror’

The success of those horror and science fiction comics from EC led to the appearance of numerous imitators, some of high quality, such as the titles that Diabolo is compiling in its 1950s Horror Comics Librarywhose tenth number is dedicated to the collection haunted horror. A volume that has a prologue by Jerry Only, bassist for the Misfitssince the cover of this comic inspired the art of the album cover Die Die My Darling, a song by that popular group that today is considered a punk classic. In this volume you will find terrifying stories signed by Jack Cole, Mike Sekowsky, Jay Disbrow, Sheldon Moldoff or George Tuska, as well as a gallery of covers of the magazines where these comics appeared. If you like to be a little scared and the unexpected endings typical of the genre, don’t miss this wonder edited with the usual care of Diabolo.

‘The Duck Dynasty’, from Disney

Cover of ‘The Duck Dynasty’

Those of us who grew up reading the magazine Don MikiIn the 70s and 80s, we fondly remember the adventures of Patomás and the saga the duck dynastyin which, through some coins, told the story of Donald’s family and Uncle Scrooge. A saga as exciting as it is fun, which began on the moon and introduced us to Donald’s ancestorsfrom ancient Egypt to the present, passing through ancient Rome, Scotland in the 14th century, Seville in 1492 (with the ducks embarking on Columbus’s caravels), Mexico in the 17th century, the American Civil War and the race of the gold in Alaska Panini and SD reissue this adventure in a comprehensive of more than 350 pages. the exciting and funny scripts by Guido Martina and the amazing drawings of two of the best artists who have narrated the adventures of Donald: Romano Scarpa and Giovan Battista Carpi. In addition, there is a chapter that Alberto Savini and Andrea Freccero They added to the saga in 2005. Ideal to give it to children and read it as soon as we have the opportunity.

‘The Incredible Hulk’, by Peter David

Cover of ‘The Incredible Hulk by Peter David’

Within its line dedicated to Marvel comics, Panini continues to recover the best stage of the Hulk, that of the screenwriter peter david, during which changes and surprises were constant. In this third volume Peter David’s The Incredible Hulk 3: Inside the Pantheonbegins what is considered his best stage, when, with the help of Doc Samson, Bruce Banner manage to unite the Hulk personalities and take control. The bad thing is that this coincides with the offer of collaboration from a mysterious organization known as The Pantheon, which is led by a true immortal god and which, although it seems dedicated to altruistic purposes, hides a dark side. Note that this change coincided with the arrival of a new cartoonist, Dale Keown, who endowed the collection with a spectacularity never seen before. In addition, we find the return of secondary characters like Betty Ross or Rick Jones and friends and enemies like the Force of Freedom, The Defenders, the Superskrull or the Abomination (in a fun crossover with The Infinity Gauntlet). One of the best superhero comics ever.

“Male Call” by Milton Caniff

Cover of ‘Male Call’

Milton Canif (1907-1908) is one of the most important and influential artists in the history of comics and for forty years (1974-1943) his press series terry and the pirates (Dolmen), which narrated the adventures of a teenager and his tutor in China, was followed by millions of readers. As it was narrated almost in real time, Caniff wanted his protagonists to participate in World War II, but that did not seem enough to him and, to encourage the soldiers, he decided to create, completely free of charge, a series especially aimed at them and starring a pin-up: male call. Introducing Miss Lace. An unforgettable series that Dolmen has chosen to star in number 200 of his collection Without Borders. A series of gags starring a naive, naughty and sexy young woman who drives all the men in her regiment crazy and that, depending on the strip, goes from being the object of desire for the soldiers to being a sister or even a mother. It may not be entirely politically correct today (it was addressed to soldiers who could lose their lives at any moment), but it is still as cute and funny as when it was created.

‘The Indestructible Man’, by Jesús Blasco

Cover of ‘The Indestructible Man’

Within its Albion Dolmen line, it is also publishing the great classics of the British comics of the 60s, such as Mitek the mighty, Trigan’s Empire, Spider or, our favourite, Steelpawdrawn by one of the most important Spanish artists of all time: jesus blasco (cute). And now add another Blasco jewel to this collection: the indestructible manwith British scripts Scoot Goodall. A series that had remained unpublished in Spain until now (more than 50 years) and that narrates the adventures of a seemingly indestructible superhero, who was captain of the cavalry of Pharaoh Ramses II and who awakens centuries later (in 1968), becoming a vigilante who fights against criminals that are more bizarre. The best thing about this series is that it was originally published in tabloid format (that of the big English-speaking newspapers), which allowed Jesús Blasco (with the help of his brothers), create some of your most spectacular pages. Thank Dolmen for allowing us to recover another of the works of this mythical cartoonist, one of the best in the entire history of comics.

‘Incal final’, by Jodorowski and José Ladrönn

Cover of ‘Incal final’

If there is a comic that changed science fiction in the 80s it was the incalof Alejandro Jodorowski and Moebiuswhich gave rise to a long saga that lasted until 2014, in addition to giving rise to other mythical series such as The Metabarons, The Technofathers Y Megalex. Now Taika Waititi (Thor) is preparing a film that has the blessing of Jodorowski himself, but nothing can surpass the power of these comics that are still as futuristic as they were 40 years ago. Now a great integral is published: Incal Final (Reservoir Books)drawn by another great artist, Jose Ladronn. In this tremendous finale to the saga, the mythical protagonist, John Difool, breaks the loop of his eternal fall to try to save humanity from a virus that turns all living matter into mechanics. Jodorowski’s limitless imagination, in which social criticism is not lacking, and Ladrönn’s amazing drawings, make this comic a delight. And with an extra luxury: Moebius drew the first chapter of this trilogywhich he would later drop, and that comic is included at the end of the book, allowing us to compare the art of both authors and how the story changed when Ladrön took care of it. A science fiction gem in an unbeatable edition.

7 comic book classics in comprehensive editions to start the year