5 Netflix tricks you probably didn’t know

How many times have we not brought up a topic of conversation through a movie or series that is on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime? Original content has become a constant in streaming services to captivate larger audiences and thus opt for their service over that of the competition.

Therefore, for many, it has become a recurring activity or a weekend plan, to watch one or two chapters of your Favorite TV show or even a marathon in the company of your partner, family or friends.

If you are a fan of the content it has Netflixsurely you are interested to know that this platform has certain actions or tricks that could improve your experience. That is why at Tech Bit we share 5 essential aspects that you probably did not know about Netflix and that you will love them.

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Use codes to search the catalog

Netflix will always show you the titles that it considers to be in accordance with your tastes, based on your history and above all, on the searches you carry out, however, there may be a little corner with a whole collection of titles that it is probably not showing you and that may be yours interest.

Basically everything on this platform is executed by means of codesboth to identify each genre, as well as for the subgenres, therefore, there are codes for films Y series specific.

All you have to do is enter your search engine. Google “code of Netflix for movies/series of (here add the genre of your interest)” and voila, use the code in the search engine Netflix and explore in depth the catalog that this app offers.

Learn about options for continuous traffic

Based on the device with which you access Netflixyou have a hidden menu that will allow you to squeeze more properties out of your service, these options are available for PlayStation and Xbox with the Konami Code, or by using the Shift+Alt+Left Click keys on the desktop.

Both in the pc as in the Xbox 360 you can improve the A/V statistics, as well as adjust the video quality, and in PlayStation you can switch accounts and deauthorize devices.

Netflix in Virtual Reality

There are other options to watch the movies and series of Netflixwhich could surely interest you, if you have a device Android VRsuch as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream, as well as the app netflix VRyou will be able to enter a virtual room that you can explore.

In this tour, you will find a television where the title you have chosen will be.

Let’s say that instead of watching your series or movie from an armchair, you will do it inside a virtual room. Of course, there won’t be any interaction with the characters or the story, but the futuristic possibilities that this will one day be possible remain in the offing.

Hide the titles you want from the history

For many it could be an irrelevant point, but given the popularity and growth of family accounts, the sense of privacy regarding what you see could be blurred, and the reality is that nobody is saved from a guilty pleasure, so check the Next steps.

First you have to go into your web browser, open Netflix and enter the ‘Account’ section, now go to ‘profile and parental control’ and ‘Viewing activity’ of the profile you want to modify, finally look for the page ‘Exercise‘, and right there you can delete any movie or series episode you’ve seen by clicking on the hide icon.

You can also ‘Hide All’ with the button of the same name located at the bottom of the page.

Play a series or movie randomly

Given the breadth of the catalog that Netflix offers, the firm decided to incorporate the option “Play Something”with which it will offer you a random title, based on the content you have finished watching and those you have abandoned.

An additional tip at this point is that you carry out the Taste Preference Survey to get more accurate results in terms of your tastes and preferences, this will appear at the beginning when you are creating your account. Netflix.

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5 Netflix tricks you probably didn’t know