What to do with children on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January

Another week is coming to an end and a new weekend begins to be enjoyed with the children too. The weather announces harsh temperatures and some rain, but Rome takes measures by offering many indoor activities to do with the little ones at home.

Weekend in Rome: 14 events not to be missed on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January

From interesting exhibitions to performances at the theater and circus; from workshops to treasure hunts. What to do on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January with children in Rome? Here are the events selected by RomaToday:

“Dinosaurs alive”, theatrical show for children

The greatest adventure on the planet is about to arrive at the Teatro Italia. On 21 January, at 3 pm, the absolute protagonists will be the giants of prehistory. Visually real dinosaurs directly on stage: children will be able to observe and interact with them. A team of professional technicians will coordinate the action of the individual dinosaurs on stage, through the use of new advanced technologies, created specifically to give life to life-size dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and baby tyrannosaurus which will amaze everyone the public present, offering a truly unique experience. Children will be able to meet the T-Rex, mother Dina with her puppies Citrullo and Citrullina, the very bad Velociraptor and the playful Triceratops and lots of laughs. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Sea monsters, discovering the prehistoric creatures of the abyss

On Sunday 22nd January, the adventures in prehistory for children continue at the Stadio di Domiziano with the workshop on sea monsters. Run by an expert paleontologist, the workshop begins with a general presentation on the history of sea monsters and prehistoric creatures of the deep. The story is accompanied by the exhibition of fossil finds. The children will then be involved in the excavation of the Paleontological Site Simulator. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

The largest Lego brick exhibition in Europe

The largest Lego exhibition in Europe has arrived at the Leonardo shopping center in Fiumicino. Over 2,000 m2 of space and 100 spectacular models. A journey that will excite children and make even the older ones small again. You can admire the largest Titanic in the world, but also the Colosseum, the Lupa, Piazza San Pietro. For fans there will be several Star Wars-themed buildings, including Harry Potter and the Smurfs village. Space also for the most beautiful stadiums in Europe, for alien villages, for the human body. In the exhibition they will be able to admire famous characters and superheroes in life size and, at the end of the exhibition, children will be welcomed by a play area where they can create their own work of art in bricks. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Circus Millennium in Rome

The Circus Millennium has arrived in Rome for the first time ever, a new, modern circus that always keeps an eye on the ancient circus traditions. Until 29 January, the futuristic tensile structures of the Millennium will be present in the Capannelle area, in Via Appia Nuova 1245. The Millennium Circus promises to keep spectators in suspense and glued to their seats for more than two hours of the show. A show that does not see the use of animals, but only the ability and physical strength of important artists, among these Derek Coda Prin stands out, a reckless acrobat on free stairs, an attraction that has already won an award at the Circus Festival in Latina. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

The weekend workshops at the Casina di Raffaello

At the Casina di Raffaello, the arrival of the new year is greeted with a new and rich program of workshops for children. Every Saturday and Sunday, girls and boys will be able to have fun and learn with new play-educational workshops inspired by Music, Animals and the great French painter Henri Matisse. Adults with their youngest children, aged 24 to 36 months, can play together by modeling animals in clay or coloring in music. Girls and boys aged 3 to 5 can instead have fun creating their own “stamp” to make a memory, or play with cuts and holes in the paper to evoke fantastic settings and bizarre characters. Finally, girls and boys aged 6 to 11 will be able to try their hand at printing movable type and with the colors and artistic shapes of the great French painter Henri Matisse. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

“Like the Ugly Duckling”, children’s show

The next show scheduled for the review Childhood and adolescence at stake 2022-23 arrives from Taranto at Centrale Preneste Teatro (Via Alberto da Giussano, 58): Sunday 22 January at 4.30 pm the Compagnia Crest is on stage with “Like the ugly duckling “. The text and direction are by Sandra Novellino and Delia De Marco, on stage there are Delia De Marco, Cinzia Greco, Giuseppe Marzio and Andrea Santoro. The show is suitable from 4 years old. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Activities and educational visits for children with Cicero in Rome

A new weekend with the activities and educational visits of Cicero in Rome, between art, history and archeology. A series of events for families with children aged 2 to 11 (divided into categories 4-11 and 2-4) both on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January. Educational treasure hunt at Villa Torlonia, Humanity Adventure at the Pigorini Prehistoric Museum, guided tour and educational activity for young archaeologists in the San Clemente Underground, guided tour and educational activity in the Archaeological Area and much more. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

What to do with children on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd January