What are the trending cryptocurrencies at the moment, despite the current market conditions

Will the cryptocurrency market be able to recover and emerge from its current bearish phase as soon as possible? No one can say for sure and although the market is recovering, it will still be a long time before it reaches last year’s highs.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t growing projects that are attracting the attention of the crypto community.

The bear phase is a good time to look for new gems, in fact there are some projects that can become the trending cryptocurrencies in the future.

Among these we find RobotEra and Calvaria, both developed within the crypto gaming. Let’s see what makes these projects so special.

What are the trending cryptocurrencies in the bear market?

The TARO token sold for $0.020 in the first pre-sale phase

At the moment, the main trend of the cryptocurrency market is the metaverse and gaming.

It is a fact, given that investments are pouring into projects with these characteristics. As well as being fun, these feature P2E features that can offer investors a reliable way to earn passive income.

That’s why RobotEra is receiving great interest since the pre-sale. It is a metaverse in which players can enter a virtual world, impersonating futuristic robots, obtainable through the purchase of NFTs.

However, RobotEra isn’t just a metaverse with robot-inspired skins. Its strength is the variety of mechanics that make it an immersive social experience. Through their robot avatars, players can participate in various activities and experiences – such as concerts, discos, salons and museums.

The team behind the project understands that a metaverse must have a strong social base and allow players to create their own interactive experiences.

This aspect has great potential, as it allows players to have fun however they want, just like in a sandbox game. No knowledge in coding or programming is required, so anyone can access it.

Players will be able to create buildings and robot companions that they can sell in a marketplace, as well as continents and NFT items. This is a feature with great potential.

RobotEra will also allow you to earn by exploiting the social platform in an engaging way, creating events and selling tickets to access them.

Likewise, players will be able to sell their virtual properties and have a steady stream of income from the land management fee. It will also be possible to get various rewards that will appear from time to time.

RobotEra with its features wants to “provide players with a powerful multidimensional metaverse platform that integrates entertainment, creation, management, exploration and interaction”.

RobotEra’s economy is based on the TARO token which will be used to buy tickets and gain access to player-created events. Furthermore, it will be possible to stake TARO with an attractive APY – a good way to earn money if you don’t have the time to participate in the activities.

TARO is currently in the pre-sale phase, while RobotEra’s mechanics are attracting great attention. RobotEra is currently in its first presale phase, with the value of TARO at $0.020.

In subsequent phases the value will increase, with the second phase seeing it rise to $0.025. In the third and final stage the value will rise to $0.032. TARO can be purchased with USDT or ETH, with a minimum investment of $20.

Like RobotEra, too Calvary has had a great impact in the blockchain gaming industry. It is a card game with F2P and P2E versions. The Calvaria team has done everything to make accessibility its strong point. In fact, players will be able to start playing even without owning cryptocurrencies.

The P2E version has various features, such as the ability to bet on tournaments and be paid in royalties. Among other functions of Calvaria, we find the possibility to stake the RIA token, a system to obtain scholarships, mini-games and an in-game shop.

The game’s spectacular artwork is purchasable by players as NFTs.

RobotEra and other metaverse projects show potential in the bear market

The cryptocurrency market may be down, but investors need not despair.

RobotEra and P2E games like Calvaria are proving that one can still be optimistic. As demonstrated by these projects, the important thing is to propose something unique.

What are the trending cryptocurrencies at the moment, despite the current market conditions