The two

Stash, TC Wanderer, TS Street Hunter and Concept F01, here are the means with which to face the city designed for motorcyclists and for sharing and delivery professionals

Ecological motorcycling: we think about entering the market with a straight leg VMoto Limited. The company specializing in the production of 100% electric two-wheeled vehicles. With administrative headquarters in Australia, a production plant, a financial and research and development division in China, a logistics and quality control office in the Netherlands and a sales and marketing office in Italy, it is affirming its leadership in the sector, always refining more its products for the tastes of the two different market categories it is targeting: private consumers (B2C) and professionals in sharing and delivery (B2B).
The customer they imagine in VMoto those who love to move quickly and dynamically in traffic, for pleasure or for necessity, and who intend to do so by pursuing the noble ecological purpose. To be able to attract new customers, the group directed by Charles Chen, supported by Ivan Teo, by Blair Sergeant, and for Italy and Europe by Graziano Milone, has focused a lot on a modern, European and captivating design thanks to the fundamental contribution of the consultant. Giovanni Castiglioni (already well-known designer in the motorcycle field).

New models

This mix of knowledge gave birth to new models that are making the transition much easier from the use of traditional vehicles to those with electric motors, thanks also to the incentive given by the testimonial five times world champion Jorge Lorenzo (the CUmini J99 Special Edition Super Soco version dedicated to him) and the brand ambassador Dario Marchetti, protagonist of the racing world and motorcycle enthusiast). The objective of the company listed on the Australian stock exchange (VSX – Australian Securities Exchange) is to offer “premium” products through the VMoto brand and a smart, trendy product with a young and dynamic character through the “SuperSoco” brand. The leading company, since 2021, in the electric urban mobility sector, especially in the categories, L1 (comparable to the 50cc of the thermal engine) and L3 (to the 125cc), presented in recent days at Mugello the four new items of this year that go to expand the product range without sinning in the high quality level.

The first European

In the premium category, the new 2022 lthe first motorcycle entirely conceived and designed in Europe: Stash, prototype designed by Adrian Morton of C-Creative, one of the best motorcycle designers in the world. Stash features an 8000W motor and reaches a maximum power of 120km / h and 110km of autonomy. In the space created near the saddle, it can contain a full-face helmet or a rim to make travel even more comfortable. There are three driving modes that, depending on the choice, offer better acceleration and speed. The starting thrust was excellent when perfecting the chassis.

For adventure

Another proposal is the TC Wanderer conceived for a more adventurous use (knobby tires) and with a more retro charm (round headlight). The two-wheeler is comfortable to drive and can be easily imagined both in city traffic and for trips out of town. The engine is a 2500W Super Sono with a range of 110km and a maximum speed of 75km / h. Equipped with double battery, it takes about 3 and a half hours to recharge.

The naked

In addition to these two new features the naked par excellence of the house for city use, the TS Street Hunter. Also this with 2500W power engine, maximum speed of 75km / h and a range of 114km slightly higher than the previous one. The motor in the wheel hub and the battery in the lower part leads to a lowering of the center of gravity of the bike for the benefit of driving pleasure and safety.

For sharing and deliveries

For the fleet sector (professional) VMoto F01 really reliable, dynamic and fun. With it, a new chapter in the company’s history opens thinking of delivery and sharing operators. Very minimalist, it comes with a sturdy but at the same time cool and trendy scooter. The clean and futuristic lines are always the work of C-Creative. It ranks in the L1 category (50cc and 45km / h) but also in this case the starting point is remarkable. As for who is on board, comfort has certainly not taken a back seat.

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The two-wheeled electric car: the novelties of VMoto and Super Soco. Proof