The Runabout of the ASI Bertone Collection crowned at Pebble Beach

The futuristic 1969 Autobianchi Runabout concept car from the ASI Bertone Collection has conquered the prestigious Gran Turismo Trophy as part of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, held on Sunday 21 August on the Californian coast of Monterey, USA. The President of ASI, Alberto Scuro, drove the car on the most important catwalk in the world and he received the award visibly excited for the significant recognition obtained.

“I am thrice proud – said Scuro at the end of the award ceremony – first as President of ASI, then as a fan of historic motorsport and of course as an Italian. ASI has once again become the standard-bearer of Italian motoring culture in the face of the world elite of collecting and sector experts. The Runabout was selected to participate in the Pebble Beach Competition thanks to its stylistic peculiarities and its uniqueness, the same characteristics that led to its protection and protection by the Ministry of Culture, as well as for all the other specimens of the Bertone Collection. acquired by ASI in 2015 and became the heritage of our country and of all Italians “.

The ASI Bertone Collection, in fact, has reconfirmed itself as an attraction of world interest and the unique pieces that compose it are increasingly requested by the most exclusive events, such as the Concorso d’Eleganza di Pebble Beach, which for the 71st edition has included the Bertone Runabout in the “Postwar Preservation” category dedicated to preserved post-war cars. The 1932 Duesenberg J Figoni Sports Torpedo was elected as the “Best of Show” of the Competition.

The Bertone Runabout – exhibited together with the other 78 examples of the ASI Bertone Collection at the Volandia Museum in Malpensa – was presented at the 1969 Turin Motor Show in the Bertone Carrozzeria stand. It was an exercise in style by the designer Marcello Gandini which was not an end in itself, because three years later, the small sports car Fiat X1 / 9 would be born from this “concept car”.

The Runabout has a nautical-inspired style

The small windshield, the lack of doors and the roll bar behind the seats underline its sporty character and essentiality devoted to pure driving pleasure. Prominent elements are the front headlamps mounted laterally on the rollbar, which leave the wedge front completely clear. The rear features the truncated tail and virtually zero overhang beyond the wheels. The passenger compartment is also devoted to essentiality, with only the speedometer on the dashboard also in nautical style.

The mechanical architecture of the Runabout includes the 4-cylinder 1,116 cc engine of the contemporary Fiat 128 mounted in the rear-center position. The car sports the Autobianchi brand, as it was originally conceived as a sporty variant of the subcompact A112.


Last modification: 22 August 2022

The Runabout of the ASI Bertone Collection crowned at Pebble Beach – QN Motori