The new Lancia Era: Here are the Brand’s most exclusive New Products!

Pure, Radical and Zero; this is how Lancia is reborn! Indeed, the historic Italian car brand has opened the doors to a new, exclusive and innovative era; here are the most exclusive news…

Throw looks to the future, here’s how… And here, inside the marvelous Reggia di Venaria, a few steps away from the large, modern and industrialized Turin (the Italian capital ofmotoring historic), a sort of monument to the future stands out decisively and securely; indeed, more than a monument this seems to be an object, yes. An object with a mysterious construction and a mysteriously innovative design; a sort of monolith, like that monolith that sometimes appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, just like that. And on the other hand, these two enigmatic realizations perhaps have the same meanings in common; so basically the comparison is not so risky. Both, in fact, are (still in their own way) a symbol of progress and knowledge, and together they are also a dream and a vision; vision of a future that we still don’t know if it will be better or worse, but it will certainly be the future. And in the halls of the Reggia di Venaria, in recent days, a real and real monolith has appeared, a monolith that takes the name of PU+RA ZERO; Here’s what it is…


From cinema to reality, from spaceships to cars; this real and concrete monolith is in fact to represent the future of one of the most historic car brands of Italy and of the whole world. We are talking about Turin Throwand of his first great and important pass towards a new era! PU+RA ZERO is precisely the first step taken by the Italian company towards a future made of sustainable mobility and alternative design. Lancia wants to return to its old glories, the ones that made it great and iconic; therefore wants to abandon its identity as a brand capable of offering only one product, however important and loved it is, namely the Ypsilon, now the time has come to return to being respected and desired. And here’s how it wants to do it: new logo, new models that will be presented and marketed in the next few years, sustainable development of the engines of its cars, and interior aesthetics and comfort that are the envy of anyone; always bringing up the name and authority of the iconic and respected Made in Italy!

“Today Lancia is reborn with a new Logo and a clear design vision – he declared Luke Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand –. While waiting for the new Ypsilon, the first car from the new Lancia, we present the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto that inspires the cars that will arrive between 2024 and 2028. A work of art in which past and future they are in continuous contact, where elegance is balanced with the radical spirit of the forms. Ours starts today Renaissance, with which we want to make the many Lancia enthusiasts all over the world dream. Lancia will once again be a desirable, respected and credible brand in the European premium market. The new Lancia starts today!”.

Renaissance, that’s exactly what Luca Napolitano calls this new path started by the brand; a real, solid and concrete renaissance that will be able to bring Lancia back to where it deserves to be; or inAutomotive Olympus, among all the other important and loved brands of the moment. Being able to rewrite 116 years of history is certainly not a simple and everyday undertaking, but the ambitions of Napolitano and Ploue, French designer in charge of the project (for the artistic part), are strong and well-founded; Lancia will be reborn and finally become Lancia again. Here, then, are the brand’s most exclusive novelties!

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We talked about “Monolith”, here’s what it is and what Lancia PR+RA ZERO is like!

spear pure zero

Explained in a few simple words, this stylish monolith that takes the name of PU+RA ZERO is nothing more than the three-dimensional manifesto that represents the essence of Lancia design of the future; or the vision of what the future Ypsilon will look like, theflagship innovative and the new Deltacombining design, art and innovation: this sculpture is the maximum expression of the concept “Progressive Classics”. In practice, this design creation is in fact the perfect synthesis of opposing elements, such as beauty and technicality, grace and character; as the brand itself describes it. An object capable of retaining the typical traits of Lancia tradition in its sinuous, futuristic and at the same time elegant forms in a continuous dialogue between a great past and an ambitious future.

On a purely aesthetic level, the Lancia PU+RA ZERO displays some of the stylistic features that will characterize the next models from the Turin company. In fact, we find a front that reinterprets the historic grille in a post-modern key of the brand, namely the famous “goblet“; this, which has now become pure, technological and unique in its essence, will be present on all three new Lancia cars, making them immediately recognisable, both day and night. Furthermore, Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is made up of soft, fluid lines that recall the design of the Aurelia B20 and Flaminia, with a circular roof that floods the passenger compartment with light, in a game of balance between exterior and interior. In the back the i circular lights, taken from the iconic Stratos, these will be used on the new Ypsilon, and the new Lancia writing positioned between the lights; while the new logo of the brand stands out on the side.


And speaking of design and aesthetics; to give even more character to the passenger compartment of the new Lancias, the brand has started a collaboration with Cassina, making use of the know-how of the renowned Italian design company with almost 100 years of history, innovation and research behind it. The goal is to give life to a real “living room” capable of guaranteeing a feeling of home feeling, like what you experience in a typical Italian house, a lived-in, welcoming and also eclectic living space , as it mixes different styles, sometimes contrasting with each other, to achieve a harmonious and coherent synthesis. The maximum of Made in Italy thickness and quality.

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1126 years of history enclosed and synthesized in a new and innovative Logo


To inaugurate this new life, Lancia has also thought of a new logo that could contain in itself, precisely, more than a century of history and seven different logos that have followed one another in this path characterized by many and very high and by as many and very deep bass. The new symbol will be used on the new Ypsilon, on the new flagship and on the new Delta and is an integral part of the new Brand Identity which will involve European dealers, all renewed in terms of image by the beginning of 2024, and all communication activities, both online and offline. Furthermore, this (namely the new logo) reinterprets all the distinctive elements of the historic brand, the steering wheel, the flag, the shield, the spear and the writing, but reinterprets them to make them modern and project them into the future. New too Lancia lettering with an original font, which takes its inspiration from one of the Italian excellences most closely linked to the history of the brand, Fashion, “signing” the future of the brand to make it desirable, lasting and always contemporary.

So here’s what this new era of Lancia is all about. Not much else is known, except that the new models will be presented and marketed between 2024 and 2028 and that, according to Napolitano, the new flagship will not be called Aurelia and will be 4.60 meters long. He then concluded by saying that “I dream of a sporty version for each model”.

The new Lancia Era: Here are the Brand’s most exclusive New Products!