The first Italian factory of Biometric Avatars is born

The first Italian factory that creates avatars, complete digital twins of our organism, was born in Rome from the Olitec laboratory directed by Massimiliano Nicolini, already a member of the metaverse standard forum and one of the best known international experts on the subject.

Today we will be able to have our digital twin built which will be able, for now only in the digital world, to replace us shortly even to go to the doctor to be examined, a futuristic revolution, no, it is the current reality, let’s see together what it is.


The biometric avatar is a protocol that allows the individual to be authenticated in a certain and unambiguous manner when accessing other applications developed in Web 3 technology.

To build a biometric avatar we need to acquire certain information of an actually personal nature of the individual which, cross-referenced with each other, makes the identity of the subject who actually owns it certain. in this case the biometric avatar, when presented at the door of an application, provides the result of processing all the acquired data and verifies the correct match with the real subject at that precise moment.

The data that is entered in the biometric avatar are:

  • Fingerprints
  • heartbeat frequency
  • iris mapping
  • mapping of the auricle
  • complete mapping of the genome
  • vocal timbre

Once the algorithm has acquired all this information, it is able to control and verify it through a sampled and crossed acquisition of the same and uses certain biometric parameters only as a function of certain applications.

This means that for example the crossing of the complete genome mapping will not be used by the Avatar protocol to access the consultation of a database but will be used in specific health or other applications that require an analysis of that type of information; this on the one hand so as not to waste resources and energy on useless processing and on the other hand because it also speeds up the use of the protocol to access applications that do not require a large amount of analysis on the information that makes up the dataset of the avatars.

So when we would like to access an application in the metaverse that asks for our authentication, all we have to do is present ourselves at the application port and show our credentials without however releasing any type of data, any type of information that concerns us inside of the application.

This is an important novelty in the field of personal data management that allows a series of not indifferent advantages such as for example the impossibility of someone stealing our credentials or the impossibility of creating fake profiles because it is physically impossible to duplicate an individual with the same characteristics and above all because the opening and acquisition of those data once it is done in the creation of the biometric avatar cannot be opened and consulted by anyone except by the original subject who built the BlockChain on which they are supported references to the data relating to the acquired biometric parameters.

How can Web 3 applications and governments verify the biometric avatar protocol?

Through cameras equipped with sensors that are already on the market today, as regards applications that also require the analysis of genomic mapping through the use of specific analyzers, software, which can analyze the genomic information contained in the avatar.

What could be practical applications of the biometric avatar in everyday life?

Here are some:

  • secure access to all Web 3 platforms in the world without loss of personal data
  • verification of compatibility with certain types of drug without the obligation to carry out physical tests
  • authentication for operations and financial transactions
  • authentication for activities towards the public administration
  • participation in notarial deeds (something which is already being tested and described in the maximum number 200 of the notary college of Milan)
  • signing of digital contracts
  • participation in forensic activities
  • replacement of all authentication procedures that are currently performed through systems such as electronic identity card spid and
  • certified mail
  • advanced telemedicine
  • access to your vehicle and start up
  • access to your home to all home automation systems
  • management of Smart TVs and connected equipment
  • verification and food compatibility
  • verification and drug compatibility
  • analysis and verification of genetic compatibility with third parties
  • total guarantee in the impossibility of cloning credentials as they do not exist
  • delivery and collection of your data to third party applications only for the time strictly necessary to process the information on our behalf
  • using any existing metaverse application without an account

… and much much more.

The first Italian factory of Biometric Avatars is born